Q: I'm stuck in the game. Do you have any general advice?

To proceed through the storyline, you should do the following frequently:

1) Check your Tubmail. You never know who might have contacted you, perhaps with a new mission or contact.

2) Talk to all your online contacts on sTalk. One of them might have something new to say. When you do chat, make sure you get all the way through the conversation.

3) Complete any active missions. Check your missions sub-tab on your character page. You might already be in a mission and forgot about it.

4) Deploy XSS or other scripts you’ve been asked to deploy. When all else fails, try to raise your reputation on the Internet by deploying scripts to the forums where you haven’t yet. Sometimes interesting things will happen after you have deployed a certain amount of scripts.

5) If you are in Episode 2 and have tried all of the above, you might be affected by a rare bug. Try reviewing recent cinematics in the Character > Instant Replay tab. You might see something you never saw before that will open up the door to new missions.

6) When all else fails, you might have to wait a day. Sometimes characters specifically tell you that they’ll contact you in the future. Try pwning some forums and come back tomorrow! (Note: If you purchase extra forum visits as a cheat, these waiting periods do not apply.)

If you find yourself completely stymied, you can try looking it up in Spoilerpedia, the Forumwarz wiki. It contains walkthroughs and useful advice. However, you may be subjecting yourself to spoilers, which negatively affect your experience. Also, because Spoilerpedia is user-created, Forumwarz cannot vouch for its accuracy. You can use it as a guideline, but it is not a blueprint.