Q: I believe I found a typo. How should I go about reporting it?

Found errata on Forumwarz? Then you’re probably after the Ol’ Spread-Eagle Eyes E-Peen™.

Before you report it, there are things you should know.


Anything in a community-built forum (i.e., Forumbuildr) or item (i.e., Itembuildr) doesn’t count. Unless there’s a badly formed madlib (which should’ve been voted out to begin with). That goes for the forum’s description, which we don’t write ourselves.

Anything in blogs or on Flamebate doesn’t count. Basically, it’s got to be part of the game proper. Reporting an admin’s Flamebate typo might even get you banned.

Anything posted in Spoilerpedia doesn’t count. Since it’s a wiki and anyone can edit it, you can simply fix it yourself!

Inconsequential matters of style don’t count. People send in reports of “typos” when they’re really just flagging our use of casual English. This isn’t a textbook; it’s a satirical game about the internet.

Pet annoyances, minor inconsistencies and other marginalia don’t count. This covers a lot of territory, and it’s a bit vague, but think before you report something: Is this really an issue? Or am I just trying to get an E-Peen™? For instance, yes, sometimes Bruce Bear types without a “lisp.” That’s because it would be impossible to read otherwise. And while we try to be consistent with our style and use of American English — reformed spelling, punctuation within the quotation marks and no Oxford commas — we might slip up once in a while. However, those instances are generally not worth reporting. This is a big site with lots of text, and even The New York Times has inconsistencies. We’re looking for major, obvious errors.

Spelling errors within forums that are created by our Unintelligencer machine translation tool don’t count. If you see enemies say “teh,” those are most likely auto-generated typos.

Finally, there’s a good chance the typo you found is actually referring to an Internet meme, such as “become an hero” or “ORLY?” If you see something unusual that looks like a mistake, you may want to Google it or search the term in Urban Dictionary or Encyclopedia Dramatica before reporting it.

If you still believe you’ve found a valid typo, you may submit a bug report using the link below.