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Avatar: 4016 2013-08-02 05:07:06 -0400

[Forumwarz Active P-

Level 69 Troll


It’s the least you can do for destroying IDC by stealing all the remaining active members to join your Skype group. Log in to see images!



Avatar: 28401 2009-11-14 23:58:44 -0500


Level 69 Troll

Liberal fabulous person ****poster

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Either we’re alone in the universe, or we aren’t. Both are pretty dank tho.


Avatar: Guitar Girl

Level 4 Camwhore

“Like a Virgin”

does we have a discord serv?

I’m here to take exams and suck di*k. And I’ve already failed all my exams sooooo


Avatar: 226503 2010-03-04 22:50:54 -0500

Level 69 Permanoob


Don’t say it in my head cannon in D. Be the flung whitewash, for out of dizzy dysentery comes the patient. Patience science has left marbled beefcake running away from the burning fields full sent in winter daycare troglodyte resins. The RESINS have commandeered fluffy patchwork of incandescent oreos of the stuff of night time walking away form in the baked marigolds.

Beware the marigolds in desolving desire. They will prick out panned quality mattress in silver washed again. AGAIN. It pain is nightmared fuel infedelity. Uwu death can become the holy trinity, sauteed in my mentats, green with pride outside the icicle bars.

This signature intentionally left blank.


Avatar: 102681 2011-08-02 00:21:53 -0400

[A Beautiful Place -
Out in the Country

Level 69 Emo Kid

“The Infinite Sadness”

Raffle Ticket Posted:

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you must break this addiction alongside your tf2 gambling

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