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Civil Discussion
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Video Games imma play Bioshock

that must be suchong Log in to see images!

****er deserved it

all better Log in to see images!


lol @ fontaine Log in to see images!

up next: point prometheus Log in to see images!


that was p impressive


i don’t want to be a big daddy Log in to see images!

why the hell are the boots in the library

all weapons upgraded Log in to see images!

voice changer sounds like tf2 minigun revving up

e: holy **** it is

Raffle Ticket edited this message on 07/06/2010 2:18AM

helmet looks p nice

got the suit finally

im the best big daddy alive =D

now for pheromones

ima big daddy lmao

up next: training grounds Log in to see images!

lets do this

defendin’ like a boss

fontaine’s got a ****ing annoying laugh

nows shes draining adam

idk whether to Log in to see images!

splicers everywhere oh ****

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