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Civil Discussion
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Video Games imma play Bioshock

unbreakable glbum ****es what now Log in to see images!

medical pavillion here we come

atlas stop talking about ryan idgaf

hacking turrets and vending machines goddamn i’m badbum


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tommy gun yesssssss

why’s the wrench better than most of the guns

nvr mind it’s only good against spilcers that don’t have guns Log in to see images!

ghosts again

this game’s creepy as ****

Raffle Ticket Posted:

this game’s creepy as ****

holy **** surgery D:

ryan shut the **** up jesus christ


sounds like it’s saying valee Log in to see images!

everything’s so ****ing expensive grrr

now i can set stuff on fire

is there anything i can’t do Log in to see images!

send body into oven, tonic comes out

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safecracker aww yeah

oh god there’s a body in the water and the lights went out i’m scared Log in to see images!

new tonic

still scared Log in to see images!

splicer just jumped out the wall

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i can hack turrets and safes and **** but not keypads

w/e bioshock

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