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Civil Discussion
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Video Games imma play Bioshock

i’m on a plane

holy **** plane crashed

fire everywhere D:

thank god there’s a lighthouse

this looks gorgeous in hd =o

doors closed behind me Log in to see images!

beyond the sea just started playing yay

in a bathosphere

ffs ryan shut up

jesus rapture’s big =o

there’s an irish guy talking on the radio

that must be johnny

who that’s with him

oh **** he’s dead now it’s trying to get in ************

irish guys called atlas

that’s a p funny name

picket signs and suitcases everywhere Log in to see images!

she just jumped up the walls D:


aw yeah got a wrench

there’s a crazy guy with a pipe D:

and he’s dead

got a first aid kit and an eve hypo Log in to see images!

**** yes shooting lightning from my hands

what the **** is that thing in the diving suit

what’s wrong with that girl Log in to see images!

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