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Civil Discussion
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FAQ The Sisterhood presents: Secondary Stats and What They Do (Spoilers and Math within!)

sus gets you-

Avatar: nanalatinojesus gets you JUSTICE IN YOUR FORUMS's

[Full of SbumSS]

Level 26 Troll


Acid Flux Posted:

What’s your deal, dude? When did I ever say I wanted to be a mod? Members of a community are supposed to look out for each other and point out errors. It’s amazing that after you state that you’ll stop trolling, you immediately try and start a fight. Gigeth already tried to derail the thread and troll it up, and now when a klanmate of yours starts ****ting in the thread, you give me a hard time for reposting a warning.

Deal with it nanafabulous person. I didn’t start a fight with you, but I won’t back down. Unless I’m breaking a forum rule, then I guess you’ll have to suffer with it.

Because I don’t plan on going anywhere.

And as far as you’re concerned Bruschi, sorry if you’re embarrbumed about getting called out, to the point where you cleverly ‘rewrite’ a quote of mine. That’s truly unique, I’ve never seen anyone on a forum do that before. But when all is said & done, one of us is following the rules and respecting the house, and the other is not. I’ll happily meet you in the other forums where this is allowed, but in here, I choose to respect the rules.

Let the mods handle the modding. It’s not your place.

MC Banhammer

Avatar: 1887 2011-07-31 00:40:59 -0400

[Good Omens]

Level 69 Troll

Trying to create drama to drum up the ratings by any means necessary!

All this attention over little old me? And something I wrot— Oh, wait a minute. I’m not a camwhore. Let me try again.

What the ****?

There, that’s better.

Anyway. Let’s everybody who needs one just take a deep breath. I came into this thread once to calm it down and put it back on track, and now I’m back again. That doesn’t really make me happy.

I was tolerating the few posts directly after my last one and hoping it would die down. It started up again, and really came to a head when Bruschi put in a completely troll post, quoted below.

Bruschi Posted:

also, what kind of loser is going to do the math behind this game? you guys are lame.

No room for that in Game Discussion, I’m afraid.

Then Acid Flux tried to point out to Bruschi what he did wrong, by quoting the above and then quoting me. Minimodding? Yeah, sure. But the point is, he was accurate in what he said.

Then nanafabulous personjesus (love your avatar, BTW) came in and objected to the minimodding. And I see his point; the really proper way to handle it, to avoid what happened in this thread, would be to report it, maybe tubmail the offender.

Now, it’s not that I have anything against minimodders; they help make modders life easier — sometimes. In this case, though, it made things worse. Much worse, because this thread, which started out really cool, has turned to ****.

The reality of the situation is this: Acid Flux was trying to help, but his efforts were seen as meddling interference. I see both sides of this, and I appreciate both sides. And I see my job here to make peace and keep the forums moving in a friendly, non-threatening manner. So here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to Closet this whole thread and ask Escher to repost the original lines. (If I could split the thread I would, but that’s not an option currently.) In the new version of the thread, I only want to see things directly related to the OPs, with no arguments about whether it should have been done or not. I will ban — that’s right, ban — anyone who deviates from that in that thread. I’ll point here as my reason, you can appeal to ET, and he’ll probably rescind it, but you’ll have had some time to cool off and consider the real purpose behind Game Discussion.

If you want to keep throwing **** at each other, there are plenty of forums where it’ll be entertaining to watch. But not here.

Acid Flux, I thank you for your attempt to help. Team Shortbus apparent leaders, I thank you for your efforts to respect the boundaries.

In the future, everyone, I suggest that if you’re having problems with a post, you report it or tubmail me, and let me handle it. That’ll help keep the forums nice and clean, which is all I really want.

Well, that and some camwhore booty.

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