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Help woops razors are sharp


Avatar: Emo Girl 2

Level 7 Emo Kid

“Scene Kid”

I see my red blood spill

i want it to dry black Log in to see images!


Avatar: Blood Cells

Level 7 Emo Kid

“Scene Kid”

None of it really matters anyways. Log in to see images!


Avatar: Ron Paul

Level 15 Troll

I'M RON PAUL ****male reproductive organ

Pay no attention to me: I'm a racist bumhole!


Pocket Tickl-

Avatar: Chugging Beer


Level 25 Troll

“Dick in a Box”

you have to slice your wrists upwards.



Avatar: Emo Girl 2

Level 7 Emo Kid

“Scene Kid”

PerogiXW Posted:

****ing fabulous persons GOD DOESN’T WANT YOU TO BE GAY.

maypbe he doesn

t i’m not sur

upset and crying right now my dad yelled at me

he thinks im gay but I’m not

i don’t know, guys can look good but im sure I’m not attracted


Avatar: Dr_Kraid's Avatar

[Team Shortbus]

Level 10 Emo Kid


there will never be a razor sharp enough to cut my soul

[quote]Golden Horde Posted:

I believe you, after all why should you guys cover it up?

Some ****ing ugly skinny little pimple faced teenaged **** with a girly voice, who I would beat up daily just for being that ****ing fabulous person looking, makes a youtube video where he sings some fabulous person song in a fabulous person falsetto voice from his mommies house, and the thread gets moved to full of win and everyone rushes to tell him how cool he is and how full of win it was.

Some teenaged weeaboo nicknamed Pali whose fabulous person Gaia friends call “Candyfabulous person” and who has the most unbelieveably gay avatar I have ever seen in my entire life gets outed while trying to troll someone else, and he’s called cool.

You’re right why bother trying to hide the fact that your klan is filled with geeks nerds and fabulous persons who would get their skinny pimply faced bumes beat every single day in any self respecting high school, for being the ****wads they are, when even after they are outed for being the fabulous persons they are somehow people still think they are cool.


Spinning Robo

Avatar: Blue Guitar

Level 10 Emo Kid

“Gloomy Gus”

Dr_Kraid Posted:

there will never be a razor sharp enough to cut my soul

You sure man ‘cause I got a really good one yesterday that did the trick


Avatar: Boobs


Level 10 Camwhore

“Leave it to Cleavage”

yo if all da emo boiz in tihs thread have gay sex on cam ill let u all fuk me


Avatar: Schoolgirl Uniform

Level 2 Camwhore

“Like a Virgin”


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