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Gay amazingcugreat timesber is a fabulous person


Avatar: Ron Paul

[WeChall is a ****ty klan]

Level 35 Troll

“Problem Child IV”

splash woman is amazingcugreat timesber

he’s pretended to be 12 to me for like months and said he faps all the time and gave me pictures of his “male reproductive organ” (which i saved of course) and now he is being a giant male reproductive organ

Splash Woman: sick ****

Blazephlozard: wat

Splash Woman: no really

Splash Woman: i don’t really fap

Splash Woman: all those times

Splash Woman: i lied

Splash Woman: ok

Splash Woman: you ****

Blazephlozard: ...are you serious

Splash Woman: Yes

Splash Woman: I am very serious

Blazephlozard: then it is YOU who are a sick ****

Blazephlozard: for lying

Blazephlozard: Log in to see images!

Splash Woman: Haha, no

Splash Woman: God

Splash Woman: But I do find Splash Woman cute

Splash Woman: Not hot.

Blazephlozard: ...

Blazephlozard: ok now you are lying

Splash Woman: No

Splash Woman: I am not

Splash Woman: I don’t find much attractive about a mermaid robot

Blazephlozard: so all these weeks

Blazephlozard: they’ve just been lies

Splash Woman: I get lulz out of giving you that porn and ****

Blazephlozard: vicious lies

Splash Woman: Yeah

Splash Woman: Pretty much

Splash Woman: No, I am not lying

Splash Woman: i don’t fap at all

Blazephlozard: so were those pics of your penor really your penor

Splash Woman: No

Blazephlozard: who’s penor were they

Blazephlozard confused

Splash Woman: iono

Splash Woman: So yeah

Splash Woman: You’re a sick perverted ****

Blazephlozard: I don’t even know what to think about you anymore

Splash Woman: Deal w/it

Blazephlozard: I thought we had something special

Splash Woman: No

Splash Woman: I had something lulzy

Splash Woman: God

Splash Woman: It was funny all those times you believed me

Blazephlozard: you are evil

Splash Woman: No

Splash Woman: I’m just a great liar

Blazephlozard: You were Evil!

Blazephlozard: >:3

Splash Woman: No

Blazephlozard: forumwarz olo

Splash Woman: I was being a human

Splash Woman: You are evil

Blazephlozard: wat

Blazephlozard: change your name

Blazephlozard: you don’t deserve the title of splash woman

Blazephlozard: you don’t like her at all

Splash Woman: hehe

Splash Woman: I find her cute, ok?

Blazephlozard: mmhmm

Blazephlozard: so why do you like making me sad

Splash Woman: Because it’s funny

Blazephlozard: it really isn’t

Splash Woman: Your reactions that is

Splash Woman: It’s ****ing hilarious to control people to see a different image of yourself, until they feel secure enough to do something drastic

Blazephlozard: what drastic thing is that

Splash Woman: Like actually upload a video of themselves wanking off on YouTube

Blazephlozard: you didn’t convince me to do that

Blazephlozard: foo

Splash Woman: Dude, I’m 15

Blazephlozard: i was gonna do it myself

Blazephlozard: oh what

Splash Woman: Yeah

Splash Woman: Lulz

Blazephlozard: YOU


Splash Woman: YOUNGIN’

Blazephlozard: my whole life is a lie

Blazephlozard: go blabber on to chris henson now

Blazephlozard: right

Blazephlozard: thats what you’re gonna do

Blazephlozard: obv

Blazephlozard: it was all at rap

Blazephlozard: trap

Blazephlozard: pretend to be 12, lure me in, all that

Blazephlozard: eh

Blazephlozard: i hate you

Blazephlozard: go away

Splash Woman: Who the hell is Chris Henson?

Splash Woman: haha

Blazephlozard: The Dateline guy

Blazephlozard: come on

Splash Woman: Oh now I remember

Splash Woman: I’VE CAUGHT YOU


Splash Woman: WITH YOUR

Splash Woman: CHILD PORN


Splash Woman: exactly

Blazephlozard: anyway i now hate you

Blazephlozard: go away with your fake CP

Blazephlozard: and your kawaii blonde pubes

Blazephlozard: you’re probably not even blonde

Blazephlozard: right

Blazephlozard: ****ing liar

Splash Woman: Haha

Splash Woman: That’s right

Splash Woman: I’m not

Lost connection to Steam, will rejoin chat automatically when connection regained.

Splash Woman is now Offline.

Lost connection to Steam, will rejoin chat automatically when connection regained.

Lost connection to Steam, will rejoin chat automatically when connection regained.

Connected again and rejoined chat.

Splash Woman is now Online.

Blazephlozard: sorry about that

Blazephlozard: anyway you should have picked Troll instead of Hacker

Blazephlozard: srsly

and then he stopped responding presumably because my internet went out for a few seconds during which time he blocked me

anyway beware of 15-year-olds posing as 12-year-olds giving you pictures of random people’s male reproductive organs and being serious trolls



Avatar: Ron Paul

[WeChall is a ****ty klan]

Level 35 Troll

“Problem Child IV”

oh he replied again

Splash Woman:

Blazephlozard: i’ve fapped to that before

Blazephlozard: what of it

Splash Woman: Pheonix Wright: TAKE THAT

Splash Woman: or is it phoenix?

Blazephlozard: objecshun

Blazephlozard: its phoenix

Splash Woman: dohoho

Blazephlozard: i made a threat about you in flamebate

Blazephlozard: Log in to see images!

Splash Woman:

Blazephlozard: wat

Blazephlozard: threat? what

Blazephlozard: *thread

Blazephlozard lol joins group

Splash Woman: linx to thread


Splash Woman: oh god

Splash Woman: haha

Splash Woman: You think people will take you seriously?

Blazephlozard: tl;dr is the response i was expecting

Blazephlozard: no

Blazephlozard: hell no

Splash Woman: Really?

Splash Woman: good

Blazephlozard: that’s why its in the Trollhole

Blazephlozard: I mean come on

Blazephlozard edited this message on 11/27/2008 4:01AM


Johnny Mac

Avatar: 37704 2022-12-12 08:49:44 +0000

[Full of SbumSS]

Level 60 Troll

I grant you an bumhole x


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AmazingCugreat times-

Avatar: Keyboard Keys

[Youchew Poop Klan]

Level 14 Hacker

“Packet Sniffer ”

oh hello

Ophios in field everywhere Zevifa came out in the donkey of the flat tire, when the male of that scaly condition it is starting doing the chicken and masturbation, that male is attached the chicken deeply.

Ophios that tail the cirque did Zevifa, on the donkey of Ophios which pbumes that tail feather pushed, but it went, started moving the hateful person of Zevifa suddenly.

Nuthead appeared and him of bum which loads the [ri] and that portly male reproductive organ at the time of yiffed, walked the flat tire, the male which in the mouth of Ophios is covered with that fur is stuffed the chicken.

Wolfie when Maxinsc obtained Meinegar in order to blow him while Meinegar the around a gives to him simultaneously, did masturbation with the mouth of Zevifa, great timesming began.

1 hours later of continual yiffing, everyone it came mutually.

And that son is we this why call the field which has stickiness,


Avatar: 26180 Wed Nov 19 19:43:39 -0500 2008

[Grey Goose Mafiosi]

Level 35 Camwhore

Is gay for looming

ITT: bumhurt teletubbies come out to play Log in to see images!


Avatar: Ron Paul

[WeChall is a ****ty klan]

Level 35 Troll

“Problem Child IV”


Blazephlozard: lol you got invited to the youchew poop klan

Blazephlozard: I’m already in ED so meh

Blazephlozard: i cant send any message

Blazephlozard: the chats are gay and eat messages

Blazephlozard: anyway

Splash Woman: Wanna hear the most lulziest thing ever?

Blazephlozard: shu

Blazephlozard: r

Splash Woman: I was kidding about being 15 and all

Blazephlozard: EXPECTED

Splash Woman: lol double trolled

Blazephlozard: YOU

Blazephlozard: YOU

Blazephlozard: DOUBLE TROLLER

Blazephlozard: /oldmeme

Blazephlozard: Problem is

Splash Woman: */oldfad

Blazephlozard: I’ll never trust you again

Splash Woman: hehe

Blazephlozard: yeah thats more correct

Splash Woman: ok

Blazephlozard: fads are smaller

Splash Woman: want proof?

Blazephlozard: yeah sure

Blazephlozard: hold up a sign

Splash Woman: i have a porn folder

Blazephlozard: saying “I lied to blaze”

Splash Woman: I’ll take a picture of it



lot of words there, m8

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Avatar: 32289 2010-01-24 16:35:06 -0500

[Team Shortbus]

Level 26 Permanoob


nobody cares you’re both fabulous persons go have sex with each other


Avatar: Red Green Flashing

Level 35 Troll

“Problem Child IV”

And why the **** should we care if your “partner” is holding out on you.


Avatar: 35643 2015-02-20 21:59:22 -0500

[Harem and Sushi Bar]

Level 62 Emo Kid

Hi, I'm an adult whos into bumes. But not boners!

Who the **** are you fabulous persons? I think you’re fine upstanding member of societys. You’re fine upstanding member of societys arn’t you?

furry ****fabulous person

Avatar: Nipple Piercing

Level 16 Troll

“Inflammatory Agent ”

yo this thread is gay ~peace~

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