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Worst Of Idc

Hackz0r: Nivea: Then i’m going to level 99999 on hell

Balloon: Gnostics- orgy fun.

VegaSxE: i dunno

Nivea: Hackz0r: Holy ****. That’s…

Balloon: But yeah, I’m sloth incarnate


Hackz0r: ****, i was going to make that joke

0utl4w: u kant katch me n00b, im teh gingrbred men lulz

Lenny Piaggio: fbi gonna go j edgar hoover on ur azz

0utl4w: Lenny Piaggio: shur, have to katch me 1st

Duncan74: Full Blood Inuits? They at it again?

Lenny Piaggio: chase you down wearing a dress and carrying a slick chrome 45

Lenny Piaggio: cold war style u goin downnn

0utl4w: and i’ll be looking @ they p3rtyvanz from my lollercopter and yell HAR SUKKAZ

Lenny Piaggio: j edgar hoover never dressed like an eskimo so no

Marmaduke: Give a permanoob some free stuff


Fingerz: Marmaduke: GTFO **** bum fine upstanding member of society

Marmaduke: How dare you

Marmaduke: I served in Nam

Fingerz: Marmaduke: DON’T GIVE A ****

Marmaduke: As in Omnomnomnom.. Nam

bronnih: Auser: make money, get paid, meet players, get played

Auser: players?

bronnih: Auser: are you a player?

Auser: bronnih: Just for you

bronnih: Auser: hehe, i play monopoly like a champ.

Auser: bronnih: I wasn’t thinking about monopoly but i’ll take a chance with you

Recommencer: elenaratelimit: My name is Recommencer, I’m an active and productive player in a game. Now, please, let’s grow up and not answer a question with a question, k?

Firestorm Felix: Anyone here is cool and nice and friendly?

Fapping: Everyone, I have an announcement to make

Fapping: I need to be home before midnight or else I turn into a banana

Animefan365: Razmos: Really you know what otaku is?

Razmos: Animefan365: An anime fan who watches anime, reads manga, collects figures and faps to hentai

Razmos: am i wrong?

Animefan365: Razmos: No thats pretty much describing me

Razmos: Excellent.

Animefan365: but i dont collect figures to expensive

tanzi: i don’t get it

Razmos: Then you are not an otaku are you? ARE YOU!?

Animefan365: Razmos: I DONT KNOW *crys*


Animefan365: Razmos: are you a male or female?

Razmos: Animefan365: Bit of both.

Razmos: Nah. male

Animefan365: Razmos: dang i got excited for a sex

Animefan365: sec*

Animefan365: lol

Razmos: Animefan365: ;)

Animefan365: a he he he

Animefan365: lol

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