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Vivid Description Of Sexual Escapades

Log in to see images! Attack: 30-35 (Antisociality)
Sexiness -6
Refresh: 1 turn
Tree: Textual Abuse
Prev: Flirt
Next: Threaten To Contact Authorities

Attack Phrases

even though my boyfriend’s love muscle is only 4” long, it fills me right up. i guess i have a tight girlhole!
I choked on an oversized piece of poo that my girlfriend planted in me mouth.. Lesbian experiences alwasy hurt so good!
I choked on a mammoth piece of anal surprise thta my girlfriend planted in me mouth.. Lesbian experiences always hurt so good! Log in to see images!
I let my boyfriend stuff his large-scale walnuts into my bum.. I can’t even close my sphincter anymore.. Come get some!
I love working as a foxy boxer! I met this guy with a humongaloid johnson and choked on it while he rubbed his eggbag on my rump! Who’s next?!
Last night my boyfriend asked me to shove a bible up his backside and I made him spew while he called me “Pharoah.” Not really my idea of a fun Saturday night, but hey.
Somtimes my mistress gets an entire phist in my vajayjay bedore I even wake up. Somebody knows how to earn breakfast in bed!
Thge best lube is allll natural…take your pick; anal leakage, barf on my woman's genitals, or man juice!! What’s your preference? Log in to see images!

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