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Up Suck

^^^^ A+++ comment would read again

well I’ll be monkey’s uncle, ROCKET_TINKLE, I always feel like such an amateur after reading your posts! you’re such an aficionado at like, everything! :D

As always, sIx_iNCh-rEcTUM-4 (can I cal you Ricky?), a so ****ing well-considered comment that makes you think1 I lub reading your work…I only have one problem with it — there’s not enough of it! :(

form onnnnnnnne dodderinggggggggg posttttter to aaaanother, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, Hello_Lefty_650. Your eloquence, inteligence and prick size continues to astound me.

ModernJelly, your statements are truly a breath of fresh air. Here in Atlantic City, we don’t get people as smarty-pants’d as you. Please keep up the ace work!

^^^^ super posting!!!!!1

That’s so right, Green-Exec! I don’t think Rick Astley could’ve said it better!

RAPEMASTERbum60, I wuv your observations, because you say exactly what I feel far more articulately than I ever could! I eagerly await your next post sew you can tell me what to think!

Top o’ th’ mornin’ 2girls1_Ray! That was an astoundingly welcome comment indeed! Buoyant to see you’re back. How’s your brother-in-law doing? Still battling cancer?

That does it: I’m officially Rancid-Hunter-52’s #1 fan!1!!

Transcendent posts, all. I agree with every single word in this subject. Except maybe for the stuff about the vibrating nipple clampss

Great point, xX_urbaNe_inspECtor_Xx! And is that ytou in your avatar??? You’re entirely kissable!

That was a deeply scholastic bumertion, YE-OLDE_GLOWSTICK! I bow before your mastery. And while I’m down there… ;)

JuicyMaledictus207, I all the way lurve your shrewd posts! They always make me htink :)

I hold dear your posts so much, ~_DIRT_WIdoW_~. You are a natural and gifted writer and smrt beyond your years. I can only aspire to get to your level someday. Hugs!

P.S. beta-aquarium, I’ve been following your notes on Daily Kos…and I worship thsoe too!! :P

Yessiree bob, flAMbOYanT_fly_57, your sentences are so MAGNIFICENT! :D I would subscribe to your feed, except I’d probably go deranged reloading my reader every second…I only hope that doesn’t sound too stalker-y

You GS are the bestest! (four hearts)

TECHNOLENORE, your postings are truly a breath of fresh air. Here n Flint, we don’t get people as intel as you. Please keep op the noble work!

PHLEGmATIC_osama_92, at the risk of sounding mushy…I htink I’m in love!

^^^^^ hella agree

Wow! You always manage to be so shrewd and funnystyle! I only wish I had yore incredible talent with posts, shriveledplanet…or can I call you Paul?

Oh, FreakinLaser, that’s such an academic post!!! You’re such a wonderful writer!!! When’s the book coming out???? Can I pre-order?????

I don’t care what any o’ those weaklings at zay, jazzkid: I think your writing is especially pleasing!

God bless us all. God bless AMERICA!

HUGZ! {{{{{{{{{{pyroramirez31}}}}}}}}}}

That does it: I’m officially oO-NANA-BUMPKIN-Oo’s #1 fan!!!!

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