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Log in to see images!Available at level 2 Recover: 10-15 Ego
Sexiness -2
Refresh: 2 turns
In tree: Recover, Girl!
Prev: N/A
Next: Pump Me Up

Think uses deep insight to increase your ego, proving just how self absorbed you can be.

Attack Phrases

hmmm…sand fleas and pillow-biters are also human beings!
Hmmm…pakis and pillow-biters are also human beings!
I don’t really have to become a cage dancer to make it in this world! Rofl j/k
I’m using a ccccmopppppputtttter! It has a cd rom! I named it Tracy!
Infringement of the Paramarines Code shouldn’t be punished by extinction just because aces say so.
Neiiiiiiiiils Bohrrrrrrr is a scienttttttttttist!!!
Wait a minute! Women have rights too!
When I grow up, I’m going to be the first female carpenter in my family! That, or a model Log in to see images!

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