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Sugarcandy Mountain

Sugarcandy Mountain is the first forum a character entering Episode 3 with a Good alignment will see. A level 30 forum, Sugarcandy Mountain is described as:

"There’s an ancient internet legend that tells of a poster’s paradise called Sugarcandy Mountain, where there’s porn on every page, you never get disconnected and the download rates are fast as lightning. The mods are always afk and the arguments always go your way. Everyone knows your name and nary a thread is lame. The girls never have male reproductive organs and they all want to send you pics. What more could you ask for?"

When this forum is added to your bookmarks, it is described as:

Somewhere over the mortal rainbow lies Sugarcandy Mountain, a paradise reserved for all good posters. You never spammed, never trolled, and probably didn’t have much fun. But here, your wildest dreams will come true!

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