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Special Attacks

Special Attacks are, as the name says, are attacks that specific forums uses against players. All these attacks are either preventable or removable with specific consumables, except for moderators. This is a new feature that has been added on the Gameplay Revamp that happened on September 10, 09.

Here's a List Of Forums With Special Attacks.

Ad Hominem
  • Drains Ego every turn
  • Removable with Remember-Notâ„¢
  • Apparently negates the Emo ability Life After Death. You think it's on, but you just die.
Line Noise
Lag Spike
Packet Loss
  • Adds 6 refresh turns to all abilities except AFK
  • Preventable with Tunnel Script
Power Spike
  • Heals the thread, removing 25% of its max pwnage
  • Not Removable or Preventable

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