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Sergeant Cid

Sergeant Cid

Semper Fi, Mother ****er!

You know why people troll freely on the Internet? Because there's no danger of the guy you're annoying smashing his fist through the monitor and into your face.

A fact which, those that have trolled Sergeant Cid (aka, Acid Flux), should be very thankful for.

For you see, Sarge knows a thing or two about trolling IRL. A former Sergeant in the Corps., he is very much trained TO KILL. His war stories span from his account of crushing a unit of communist attack-droids with his bare hands, to his having witnessed firsthand -- with mild discomfort -- proof that bulldykes are commonplace in the armed services.

Since winning the Cold War for Uncle Sam, Sarge has settled for a (mildly) less turbulent life on ForumWarz. He has gained notoriety as an admin for keeping the trolls in line, and as an in-game items vendor (a.k.a. Acid Flux) testifying to the ferocious power of capitalism.

More Stuff About Sarge

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