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September 18th

First official Forumwarz holiday, known as the No iRAWR day.

On this very day, Fran (on Flamebate) and SuperMonkeyMan (on IDC) started RPing about how good it would be to put a hellban on crap poster iRAWR. They would convince people to ignore what iRAWR said on the forums, and not answer him on IDC.

The RPing started small, and only in IDC, but soon, almost the entire flamebate community would be ignoring iRAWR fiercely, making the kid really believe he was, in fact, hellbanned. The community agrees that this is one of the most epic days on Forumwarz, since klan rivalries like Team Shortbus vs. **** YOU were forgotten for the greater good of the site. Everyone was united on the same objective: ban iRAWR.

Some retards (like quangntenemy) were trying to ruin the joke by reporting they could read iRAWR's posts, but the posters were quick enough to report all they would see were blank threads and posts.

Pics of these blank posts by Odalisque:
Active Topics
Game Discussion Forums

By the end of the day, iRAWR would go insane and started scripting fine upstanding member of society posts on Game Discussion forums, leaving MC Banhammer to, finally, permaban the crap poster.

God bless you, Forumwarz.

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