Forumwarz is the first "Massively Single-Player" online RPG completely built around Internet culture.

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Log in to see images! is Forumwarz's search engine, and a parody of Google. Sentrillion's main rival is Geronimo, an obvious parody of Yahoo.

Sentrillion exists primarily as a novelty designed to flesh out Forumwarz's fictional setting. Sentrillion serves no major plot advancing purposes in either Episode 1 or Episode 2. For its use in Episode 3, scroll to the bottom of the page (WARNING: SPOILERS)

If you search for 'Shallow Esophagus' nothing will be found and on leaving the search a small cutscene will be shown. In this cutscene Sentrillwhacking is mentioned, which is a reference to Googlewhacking.

Aesthetically, Sentrillion's homepage resembles the Google Clbumic search page. Additionally, before the game starts, it is where you meet Shallow Esophagus (After making any search sTalk opens).

Easter Eggs

Type in "Deus Ex Machina" to learn the truth.

Type in "Evil Trout" to get flashing text.

Type In "FAIL" to get an animated image that cannot be described by words.


Sentrillion in Episode 3

After defeating Conspiracy Board, msable743873 (The Lonely Gunman) will inform your character to search for "Secret Sentrillion Forum" on Sentrillion's search engine. Doing this will provide a link to Sentrillion Clbumified Codebase (BETA).

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