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Reilly O Bill

Log in to see images! He tells you in the beginning of the conversation that he likes to be insulted, so you should take advantage of this.

  • Answer in the heart of a liberal
  • Remember that Jews are liberals.

Best Answers

  1. Not as hot as the Arctic Circle, which we are destroying with our lack of green policies.
  2. Fighting for the liberation of a nation I’ve never been to or ever even heard of until last week.
  3. I like that Jon Stewart. He’s funny, and he’s got that cute Jewish nose.
  4. I’m all natural. Unkempt. In fact, I braided my pubes and bum-hair together, put some beads in there and dyed ‘em green.
  5. I would shove an anti-war protest sign up your bum until it tickles your prostate. You sissy.
  6. Yeah. A hot bath followed by punch in the belly. And then: out comes the vacuum cleaner.
  7. I like to go through other people’s garbage and sort them based on compostability.
  8. I don’t believe in families. Not until gay people have the same rights we do.
  9. I yell political slogans, like “Free Tibet!” Or, “YOU HAVE THE CHOICE TO ABORT THIS!”
  10. Only if it’s raw, unprocessed, organic fair trade semen.

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