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New Golden Age Chat



11:43PM Vuron: haha ricket is still playing?

11:43PM Catt although: sorta

11:43PM kraigu: cricket

11:43PM Catt although: still running visits, not playing dom in any serious way

11:44PM Catt although: oh, and Aldo of course sorry ‘bout that

11:44PM Vuron: is he still on top in terms of most visits?

11:45PM Aldo_Anything: yes he is, about 160 visits in front of me

11:46PM Vuron: you guys should go ahead and kill him so you can get that 1337 peen

11:47PM Catt although: Aldo’s on his own on that one, I’m mostly retired

11:48PM Chuck Diesel: whoa sup

11:48PM Aldo_Anything: IDC’s on fire

11:48PM Chuck Diesel: I guess so

11:49PM Chuck Diesel: It’s weird, the site’s been somewhat active the past week.

11:49PM Catt although: but you’re not veteran enough to talk here chuck, so be quiet and respectful

11:49PM Chuck Diesel: Hey now.

11:49PM Chuck Diesel: I’m going on two years.

11:49PM kraigu: ...

11:49PM kraigu: ****, it’s really been 3+ for me now

11:49PM Vuron: maybe escher will log on in the next couple of days

11:50PM Vuron:

11:50PM Chuck Diesel: I’m pretty sure that isn’t anything for me to be proud of.

11:50PM kraigu: spacey, how did we get so old?

11:50PM Catt although: escher is one that never came back, at all

11:51PM Vuron: rl stuff came up for escher and i never heard from escher since

11:51PM Chuck Diesel: Catt although: So the only thing you guys really moderate anymore is shock images and personal info in CD?

11:52PM Chuck Diesel: I mean, if you guys moderate at all.

11:52PM Catt although: we moderate shock images?

11:52PM Aldo_Anything: why did pickled male reproductive organbum quit back then?

11:52PM Chuck Diesel: Idk, I saw a goatse that got deleted the other day.

11:52PM spacekadt: kraigu, time pbumed?

11:52PM Catt although: For awhile I was replacing them, but not in a few months

11:52PM Chuck Diesel: Are there really any mods that care anymore?

11:52PM Catt although: um

11:52PM Vuron: male reproductive organbum was in school for robotics or something

11:52PM Chuck Diesel: Yeah, I was just wondering, lol.

11:52PM Catt although: no

11:53PM Vuron: i figure real life took over

11:53PM chammisan: hey jerks

11:53PM kraigu: spacey, no goddamnit, not allowed

11:53PM kraigu: I will be young forever

11:53PM chammisan: roll call

11:53PM kraigu: unlike chammi who was born old

11:53PM kraigu: that ****

11:53PM kraigu: I mean

11:53PM Aldo_Anything: yeah probably

11:53PM Chuck Diesel: chammisan: Sup bro

11:53PM spacekadt: chuck, I think we care about egregious **** like personal info

11:53PM kraigu: hi chammi!

11:53PM chammisan:

11:53PM spacekadt: other than that, can’t say I care all that much anymore

11:53PM chammisan: Chuck Diesel: awwwww snaps

11:53PM Chuck Diesel: spacekadt: Yeah, I figured that much. That’s really just crossing a line.

11:53PM chammisan: anyway

11:53PM chammisan: srs

11:53PM Vuron: haha personal info hi jinx were the best type though

11:54PM kraigu: NO

11:54PM kraigu: NO SRS

11:54PM Chuck Diesel: I think I should be a mod for a week, just to **** off that James guy.

11:54PM chammisan: no lurks allowed

11:54PM kraigu: urklays

11:54PM kraigu: huhuh

11:54PM kraigu: I said lays

11:54PM Malaise: I have been summoned to this cesspool for some reason. It better be a good reason.

11:54PM Catt although: I think everyone is ****ing off that James guy

11:54PM kraigu: oh **** I have beer in the freezer brb

11:54PM chammisan: it is always a good reason

11:54PM Catt although: wait, wait, (hmm, good reason, good reason . . .)

11:55PM chammisan: there

11:55PM chammisan: that’s a reason

11:55PM Chuck Diesel: I can’t think of a good reason.

11:55PM spacekadt: malaise: it’s not a cesspool at the moment?

11:55PM Malaise: Kraigu’s exploding beer is a start…

11:55PM spacekadt: is that an acceptable enough reason?

11:55PM Chuck Diesel: I’m not even sure why I come here anymore.

11:55PM chammisan: only if it took his head off in the process

11:55PM Chuck Diesel: I think it’s just out of habit. 11:55PM kraigu: it was only in there for 45 mins or so

11:55PM kraigu: it’s just about irght

11:55PM kraigu: hm, maybe even only 30

11:56PM Malaise: Vuron? What are you doing here? You outgrew this nonsense years ago.

11:56PM kraigu: anyway, sorry to disappoint, my head is still attached and my beer is unexploded

11:56PM Chuck Diesel: Sounds about right.

11:56PM kraigu: LOOK WHO’S TALKING

11:56PM Vuron: i did outgrow it malaise

11:56PM Vuron: but i was bored and decided to log in

11:56PM Catt although: I wonder if I’ll ever outgrow it

11:56PM kraigu: and now you’ve met me!

11:56PM Malaise: Catt: no


11:56PM Chuck Diesel: I actually played this game the other day.

11:57PM chammisan: Chuck Diesel: i saw you run

11:57PM chammisan: i giggled

11:57PM kraigu: Vuron, you’re pretty lucky

11:57PM Catt although: and we actually have an active dom stall

11:57PM Malaise: Yeah Chuck is in top domination bracket. What a keener!

11:57PM kraigu: there’s about 5.9 billion people who never have

11:57PM Chuck Diesel: Catt although: If you do outgrow it, get me a mod spot.

11:57PM Vuron: actually I was halfway expecting evil trout to have pulled the plug on the server

11:57PM spacekadt: I *damn* near ran a rollover raid last night

11:57PM spacekadt: just because I was awake for it

11:57PM Catt although: I’ll probably die of old age first

11:57PM kraigu: he said he’ll keep it running just so’s he doesn’t lose money on it

11:57PM Chuck Diesel: Ahaha, I don’t plan on playing serious or anything, lmao

11:57PM spacekadt: then decided I just didn’t feel like running visits

11:57PM Catt although: of course that might not be that long . . .

11:57PM Aldo_Anything: he actually more the guy who puts plugs in

11:57PM kraigu: which probably means until it has its first catastrophic hardware failure

11:58PM Chuck Diesel: Aldo_Anything: Ahahaha that has to be the best thing you’ve said in years.

11:59PM chammisan: Aldo_Anything:

11:59PM Malaise: So Vuron, Banhammer and Charlie Sheen are back this week…I only have 1 question then

11:59PM Malaise: Where is Arktor?

11:59PM Chuck Diesel: Wow, actually having to scroll to see the full list of users is weird.

11:59PM Malaise: Or My Space Tom, either one would be fine

11:59PM Vuron: haha arktor quit before i did

12:00AM chammisan: and MST’s account has been *compromised*

12:00AM chammisan: but unfunny ****ers

12:00AM Chuck Diesel: I would have quit a year and a half ago, had it not been for IDC.

12:00AM chammisan: *by

12:01AM Chuck Diesel: After it died, I just stuck around for some unknown reason.

12:01AM Catt although: no, the person who it was compromised by was not the same unfunny ****ers who compromised all the other accounts

12:02AM Malaise: hey.

12:02AM Malaise: Catt swears in IDC

12:02AM chammisan: okay kida

12:02AM chammisan: kids

12:03AM chammisan: i typo in idc

12:03AM chammisan: man

12:03AM chammisan: anyway

12:03AM chammisan: back to being antisocial for real

12:03AM chammisan: i’m taking my gift to you ungrateful bastards with me

12:03AM chammisan: lolindiangiver

12:03AM Vuron: i have to say i didn’t expect fail to be active

12:03AM chammisan: byeeee

12:03AM Aldo_Anything: bye chammi



12:03AM MySpace Tom: sup?

12:04AM Vuron: sup tom


12:04AM MySpace Tom: heard there were a bunch of unfunny ****ers here

12:04AM xRAINBOWxPIKACHUx: MySpace Tom: Yup.

12:04AM Malaise: Tom howsabout you destroy this site? isn’t that your jub?

12:04AM Aldo_Anything:

12:04AM Malaise: or job

12:05AM MySpace Tom: not worth the effort

12:05AM Malaise: Can’t argue with that

12:05AM MySpace Tom: c’ya

12:05AM xRAINBOWxPIKACHUx: Who would waste time shutting down a site that’s dead anyways?

12:05AM spacekadt: Vuron: FAIL stops in about 3 times a year… or did until his mod thread blew up… now it’s probably closer to twice a month or so lol

12:06AM xRAINBOWxPIKACHUx: This week has been more active than the rest of the entire year.

12:06AM Aldo_Anything: MySpace Tom: everything you touch, dies slowly after.

12:06AM spacekadt: honestly, the place could be active if the trolls would stop chasing everyone off

12:06AM xRAINBOWxPIKACHUx: spacekadt: Hey space, can I get my main’s ban history if it’s not too much trouble?

12:07AM xRAINBOWxPIKACHUx: spacekadt: Also, I don’t think I’ve been that bad lately.

12:07AM spacekadt: xRAINBOWxPIKACHUx: you haven’t, but some of the others have

12:07AM spacekadt: and ban histories aren’t sorted by character… they’re done by account

12:08AM Catt although: well, if the stupid mods would just do their jobs

12:08AM Vuron: trolling has always been the easiest way to roleplay the site

12:08AM spacekadt: Vuron: yeah, but the trolling used to be creative

12:08AM xRAINBOWxPIKACHUx: spacekadt: Figured, but just wanted to make sure. Yeah, I haven’t really cared enough to want people to leave, except for that James kid.

12:09AM spacekadt: now a new person shows up and it’s 18 million posts telling them how ****ty they are, how much the site sucks and that they should just die 12:09AM Catt although: oh c’mon, you don’t want him to leave, he’s entertainment

12:09AM xRAINBOWxPIKACHUx: Catt although: You have a point. I really don’t.

12:09AM Vuron: actually that james kid reminds me of some old players

12:09AM xRAINBOWxPIKACHUx: It’s entertaining for me when he rages and posts terrible threads.

12:09AM Vuron: or a really clever troll

12:10AM Malaise: he is a complete Ghax clone. Ghax might have been after your time Vuron. A Quang disciple

12:10AM xRAINBOWxPIKACHUx: And then when I waste money on his auctions, and he says “oh I trolled you”, it won’t matter because it’s just useless currency anyways.

12:10AM spacekadt: xRAINBOWxPIKACHUx: sending account history to the address on your account

12:10AM xRAINBOWxPIKACHUx: spacekadt: Haha, awesome. ilu

12:11AM kraigu: who doesn’t l spacey

12:11AM Vuron: heh guang

12:11AM Catt although: ghax wasn’t rping though. Not too sure about this guy

12:12AM xRAINBOWxPIKACHUx: Catt although: Is it possible an older player came back just to **** with everyone?

12:12AM Vuron: there was someone else who was a minimod back in the day, mercwithamouth? 12:12AM kraigu: stalker ****

12:12AM xRAINBOWxPIKACHUx: I mean, I don’t know why someone would waste their time, especially since he’s a level 29

12:12AM Malaise: don’t mention his mane Vuron!

12:12AM Malaise: it will bring him back

12:12AM xRAINBOWxPIKACHUx: He’s legitimately playing the game

12:13AM Malaise: mane?

12:13AM Catt although: It’s possible, but he’s doing a good job hiding it if he is

12:13AM xRAINBOWxPIKACHUx: Malaise: I’m sad I wasn’t here for mwm, I must have showed up a few months after.

12:13AM spacekadt: xRAINBOWxPIKACHUx: *shame face* I’ve gotten a few people sucked into the game from d2n

12:13AM spacekadt: not intentionally… but one is already in ep3

12:13AM xRAINBOWxPIKACHUx: spacekadt: Haha, well it happens.

12:13AM spacekadt: and three more keep playing and laughing

12:14AM xRAINBOWxPIKACHUx: It’s not that bad of a game, but after a while, it just gets repetitive

12:14AM spacekadt: and d2n doesn’t?

12:14AM xRAINBOWxPIKACHUx: No I completely agree

12:14AM xRAINBOWxPIKACHUx: I actually took a break this town

12:14AM FAIL: what up

12:15AM xRAINBOWxPIKACHUx: I still helped and played, but I was a complete bumhole to people in the town forums

12:15AM Vuron: heh fail

12:15AM FAIL: Vuron: Vuron: Vuron: Vuron: Vuron: Vuron: Vuron: Vuron: Vuron: Vuron: Vuron: Vuron: Vuron:

12:15AM Catt although: you should feel terrible getting people to play this terrible game. That . . . I’ve spent . . . ten thousand visits on

12:15AM xRAINBOWxPIKACHUx: I’m at 6 complaints, with 2 warnings from The Crow


12:15AM FAIL: duuuuude it’s been probably 2 years since we “spoke”

12:15AM FAIL: hows it going man

12:15AM Vuron: okay and you

12:15AM FAIL: Catt although: Catt although: Catt although: sup catt

12:15AM FAIL: Vuron: p good


12:15AM Catt although: hallllooo Fail

12:15AM FAIL: sup rainbow

12:15AM Catt although: welcome to old home night

12:15AM xRAINBOWxPIKACHUx: FAIL: I won the lottery the other day

12:15AM Vuron: i think you were just graduating accounting right?

12:16AM FAIL: Vuron: yeah that was 2.5 years ago

12:16AM FAIL: geez

12:16AM Aldo_Anything: reunion comes early. hi FAIL

12:16AM FAIL: Aldo_Anything: Aldo_Anything: Aldo_Anything: hey man!

12:16AM FAIL: this is awesome

12:16AM FAIL: cool kids are back

12:16AM FAIL:

12:17AM kraigu: aww


12:17AM Vuron: maybe nana and pants will log in

12:17AM FAIL: and natalie

12:17AM FAIL: we can only hope

12:17AM kraigu: fappa fappa

12:17AM Vuron: looks like natalie actually still plays on occasion

12:18AM FAIL: I wonder if rram is still up

12:18AM FAIL: really?!

12:18AM FAIL: I know a really awesome natalie secret

12:18AM FAIL: that was never exposed

12:18AM FAIL: for some reason

12:18AM Catt although: natalie came back for a little while, but I think she’s gone again

12:18AM Malaise: Natalie has an alt in Good Omens but I haven’t seen it do anything in ages

12:18AM Vuron: heh what’s your secret fail

12:19AM FAIL: Vuron: tubmailed

12:19AM FAIL: keep it on the dl

12:19AM Vuron: i honestly can’t remember the last time i spoke to natalie

12:19AM FAIL: even though she doesnt play anymore, it is pretty secretive

12:20AM FAIL: not the kind of thing she would want to get out I dont think

12:20AM Vuron: yeah i knew that one too

12:20AM FAIL: oh well

12:20AM FAIL: still awesome

12:20AM Vuron: no problem

12:21AM Vuron: tubmailed back

12:21AM Chuck Diesel: It feels strange when IDC is active.

12:21AM Chuck Diesel: I’m so used to not seeing anything for a week at a time.

12:22AM Vuron: idc was p cool back in the day

12:23AM Vuron: it seemed like it died off when incit was built

12:23AM Catt although: I knew there was a reason everyone hated incit

12:23AM Chuck Diesel: When I started using IDC, it wasn’t too populated, but it was active.

12:23AM Vuron: that and people started using the various clan ircs

12:23AM FAIL: true

12:23AM FAIL: idc also got lame when they started banning for idc spam

12:23AM Chuck Diesel: Catt although: I just don’t like incit because there isn’t anyone funny that plays it.

12:23AM Vuron: so what are you doing with yourself fail?

12:24AM Vuron: you back in dfw now?

12:24AM FAIL: Vuron: I’ve been working for the same marketing comapny for 2.5 years now (since Feb of 09) in the finance department

12:24AM FAIL: yeah

12:24AM FAIL: live in arlington

12:24AM FAIL: work in irving

12:24AM Vuron: that’s a ****ty commute

12:24AM FAIL: ****ty commute but cheap rent

12:24AM FAIL: yeah lol

12:25AM Vuron: parentals?

12:25AM FAIL: nope

12:25AM FAIL: I have a friend who bought a house a year and a half ago

12:25AM Vuron: good time to buy

12:25AM Chuck Diesel: Yeah it is.

12:25AM FAIL: he’s single so I’m living in his second room til he gets a family lol

12:25AM Chuck Diesel: FAIL: I’m doing pretty much the same thing.

12:25AM FAIL: he only charges me $350 plus bills

12:26AM Vuron: not bad

12:26AM FAIL: which have never summed over $600

12:26AM FAIL: which you can’t beat anywhere around here

12:26AM Chuck Diesel: I don’t pay rent though, I do cooking and cleaning.

12:26AM FAIL: for the quality at least

12:26AM FAIL: nice chuck

12:26AM FAIL: what are you up to vuron?

12:26AM Vuron: i just turned in my master thesis

12:26AM Vuron: which is why i was bored

12:27AM FAIL: nice!

12:27AM FAIL: masters in what?

12:27AM Vuron: public adminstration urban affairs

12:27AM Vuron: been slacking off on it

12:27AM FAIL: cool my Dad worked for COG for a few years… he did public governance stuff for awhile

12:28AM Vuron: but my professor was leaving so i had to quit wasting time

12:28AM FAIL: I see

12:28AM FAIL: where are you living these days?

12:28AM Vuron: fort worth

12:28AM FAIL: whoa really?

12:28AM FAIL: I didn’t remember you being in the metroplex

12:28AM Vuron: yeah

12:28AM FAIL: awesome

12:29AM FAIL: hobart is in ft worth too

12:29AM Vuron: i think someone else lived in the metroplex

12:29AM Vuron: markchd maybe

12:30AM FAIL: yeah him and kittiejenn actually

12:30AM Malaise: yeah mark is there

12:30AM FAIL: we have never met up or anything but it’s crazy that the people that live in the dfw are actually people I wouldn’t mind having a drink with

12:30AM Vuron: that’s right kittiejenn

12:31AM Chuck Diesel: forumwarops parties

12:31AM FAIL: haha

12:31AM Vuron: yeah i was always tempted to do a meetup back in the day

12:31AM Chuck Diesel: I know a few people live here in California

12:31AM FAIL: yeah that is something that is a little foreign to me

12:31AM Chuck Diesel: But I’ve never met anyone from the warps unless I introduced them to the game.

12:31AM FAIL: I had a bad experience the one time someone from the internet met me

12:32AM Vuron: yeah that was what kinda slowed me down

12:32AM FAIL: I say it like that because a guy from a different forum went to the same halloween party as me when I was in college

12:32AM Chuck Diesel: Also, not to mention they’re anywhere from an hour to 8 hours away.

12:32AM FAIL: without weither of us knowing

12:32AM Vuron: i think odal is in san fran

12:32AM Vuron: well she was the last time we talked

12:32AM FAIL: and when he found out he was there he got all excited and was like “we should hang out and freak eachothers friends out about how much we know about eachother”

12:32AM Chuck Diesel: I think oda is in Southern California, but I’m not sure.

12:33AM Vuron: which was what december 2008

12:33AM FAIL: I was just like :”dude I don’t know who you are

12:33AM FAIL: yeah odal is in san fran

12:33AM Vuron: yeah sometimes internet friends are better as internet friends

12:33AM Vuron: i wouldn’t really want some of the sketchier people from here showing up to a meetup

12:34AM Vuron: like AAHZ

12:34AM FAIL: hahahah

12:34AM kraigu: my box of condoms

12:34AM kraigu: let me show you them

12:35AM kraigu: not you chuck

12:35AM Vuron: actually i saw him on earlier i decided not to provoke him

12:35AM Chuck Diesel: Hey now

12:35AM FAIL: probably a good call vuron

12:35AM Chuck Diesel: Idk I’d probably hang with some people from here

12:35AM FAIL: first of all, bps are even more worthless now than they have ever been

12:35AM FAIL: so there really isnt a point anymore lol

12:35AM Chuck Diesel: But that’s just to get drunk

12:36AM kraigu: oh

12:36AM kraigu: you can have one of my beer chuck

12:36AM kraigu: just don

12:36AM Chuck Diesel: Oh sweet

12:36AM kraigu: ‘t try to get me drunk

12:36AM Vuron: haha i forgot everyone suckered him for BPs

12:36AM Chuck Diesel: No worries

12:36AM Chuck Diesel: What kind of beer is it, anyways?

12:36AM FAIL: yeah I think a bar is the only place I would meet people from here

12:36AM FAIL: plus it gets out all of the 16 yr old riff raff

12:36AM Chuck Diesel: FAIL: It would definitely have to be a public place.

12:37AM Chuck Diesel: Because there’s no way in hell I’m showing up to some random house to meet someone from the internets.

12:37AM Vuron: yeah bar is the only option

12:37AM Vuron: with lots of exits

12:37AM Chuck Diesel: Vuron: Was there ever any others?

12:37AM FAIL: preferably one with a patio

12:37AM FAIL: for extra quick escape

12:38AM Chuck Diesel: Yup.

12:38AM FAIL: so the ginger man on saturday vuron?

12:38AM FAIL: lol

12:38AM Vuron: haha

12:38AM Chuck Diesel: Now that I think about it, I’m probably the only person in my area that actually goes on this site, and that’s a relief.

12:39AM FAIL: as much fun as this is kids (which is surprisingly fun), I need to head to bed

12:39AM FAIL: adios muchachos

12:39AM Vuron: i should head to bed as well

12:39AM Catt although: I actually haven’t seen another New Yorker on here in years

12:39AM Catt although: g’nite guys

12:40AM Vuron: seeya fail

12:40AM FAIL: I think I might be back for a few weeks so hopefully I’ll ttyl

12:40AM FAIL: gnight

12:40AM Vuron: tubmail me sometime

12:40AM kraigu: Chuck, it’s MGD

12:40AM FAIL: will do

12:40AM kraigu: been hotter than balls here lately

12:40AM kraigu: need something that’s basically water, heh

12:40AM Vuron: i can’t remember any nyc people catt

12:40AM Chuck Diesel: kraigu: Oh that’s not bad at all, I think we’ve had at least an 18 of that in the house this week.

12:40AM Vuron: which is unusual

12:41AM Chuck Diesel: Lobotomy Bock is pretty awesome.

12:41AM kraigu: funny thing is it’s an import here, but it’s still cheaper than some locals

12:41AM Chuck Diesel: 10.8% with not too bad of a taste

12:41AM Catt although: There was one other Long Islander – girl named ska . . . ska something

12:41AM Chuck Diesel: Haha, yeah

12:41AM kraigu: I usually go for Hacker Pschorr Weisse

12:41AM kraigu: but it’s expensive

12:41AM Chuck Diesel: We usually stick to High Life here, or any beers that are on sale.

12:41AM Catt although: skaboss?

12:41AM kraigu: we had some Delerium Tremens from a local brewery

12:41AM kraigu: it was… 12% I think

12:41AM kraigu: yummy taste

12:42AM kraigu: very, very dangerous, hehe

12:42AM Chuck Diesel: An 18 of PBR is like 10 bucks at the gas station, so sometimes that’s an option.

12:42AM kraigu: bartender served it in 350ml glbumes

12:42AM Chuck Diesel: Haha, I love overproof beers

12:42AM kraigu: the beer store wouldn’t carry it

12:42AM kraigu: “encourages alcoholism”

12:42AM kraigu: “encourages over drinking”

12:42AM kraigu: haha

12:42AM kraigu: “we want people to buy a lot of our product, but god forbid they get DRUNK”

12:45AM Chuck Diesel: Lmao

12:45AM Chuck Diesel: sounds like a friend’s description of Utah

12:46AM Chuck Diesel: Most percentages are really low

12:46AM kraigu: well, our liquor laws are pretty weird compared to… anywhere else

12:46AM kraigu: but we’re not quite that bad

12:46AM Chuck Diesel: I usually stick to cheap beer and good whiskey

12:46AM Chuck Diesel: whicky

12:46AM Chuck Diesel: whisky*

12:46AM Chuck Diesel: whatever

12:46AM Chuck Diesel:

12:49AM kraigu: I’d say you’ve had enough

12:49AM MarvelBot209120: Whoa. People talking. Hiii.

12:50AM Catt although: no, you’re imagining things. People don’t talk in IDC

12:50AM MarvelBot209120: Oh yeah. My b.

12:54AM Bacchus: mammary glands show up and everyone stops talking.

12:57AM MarvelBot209120: I did socializing wrong again.

12:58AM kraigu: bewbies

12:58AM Catt although: The Wonderful Thing About A Dancing Bear Is Not How Well He Dances, But That He Dances At All.

12:59AM MarvelBot209120: So… Since being here, this is the first time anything has happened on incit. It’s moderately exciting.

12:59AM Bacchus: Bears have no natural rythm.

12:59AM Bacchus: They’re like Canadians.

12:59AM Catt although: incit?

12:59AM Bacchus: Now you did it.

1:00AM kraigu: we can at least spell “rhythm”

1:00AM Bacchus: lol

1:03AM kraigu: bye!

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