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Msable is, in fact, The Lonely Gunman. The robots who apparently kidnapped him near Episode 2's ending got him into Mercy Medical Center to make him lose his fear of robots. That sort of worked, except his fear was warped into fear of giraffe-shaped jew robots.

He sends you to pwn a forum that's perfectly tailored to get him off Sentrillion's feet, After you finish the deed, he finally tells you how to get the promised Sentrillion forum bookmark. Just about time, IMO.

His name comes from:

msable = Marc Sable, or M. Sable (which is hidden on Lonely Gunman's profile)
74 = presumable his year of birth, 1974 (he's actually 34, but considering FW was developed in 2008-2009, it's an honest error)
3873 = His patient ID at the Mercy Medical Center.

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