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Cost to Train:
Attack: 325
Cost: Sexiness -45
Refresh: 3 turns
In tree: Textual Abuse
Prev: My Sexy Boyfriend
Next: Literal Whoring

Attack Phrases

These are sample attack phrases. Spelling mistakes and text style may vary. Please add any missing phrases you encounter.

I hope there aren’t any lesbian vampires around…
I’m bleeding the lining of my uterus through my sexual organs.

Hot, huh?
On the upside, at least I’m not pregnant.
Looks like Aunt Flo stopped by for a visit!
Get the picture?
Mmm, the metallic scent of blood in the air. Let’s do it.
If you want to **** me, you’re going to have to contend with the swarm of mosquitoes buzzing around my crotch.
The communists have invaded the summer home.
Well, I guess menopause hasn’t set in yet.
Hold on, I’m going to need to change my tampon for this.

I just bled through another tampon!
You know those ads where they pour blue liquid on a pantyliner? It’s like that, but with thick, clotting red liquid instead.
Blood is coming out.
Call me Dr. Dre because I got a heavy flow.
When the river runs red, take the dirt path instead!

Just kidding, I’m saving my anal virginity for someone…better.
I can’t see you this weekend, I’m off to the Red River Valley.
Red rum, red rum, red rum!
Ever have that not-so-unbloody feeling?
Wait, were these pants always red?
Do you like blood on your male reproductive organ? Too bad!
Either I cut myself shaving, or it’s that time of the month again. Either way, I have a bloody gash with your name on it.
The dam has burst on the Red Sea!
Blood is the best lube there is. It's both free and free-flowing.
I’m irritable, in pain, and blood is seeping out one of my orifices. So let me ask you again: do you feel lucky, punk?
Guess what I'll be doing for the next 3-7 days? Hint: not you.
Remember those white panties you sent me? Bad news.
I was wrong, it’s not explosive diarrhea. It’s just my period again.
I used to work in a butcher shop and I’ve never seen blood like this!
I just got True Blood and I don’t mean the HBO series.

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