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Incit (officially capitalized as INCIT, pronounced "Incite") is a multiplayer metagame where you compete with other users to create "inspiring" posters. It was invented by NPC THE_**** to supply his company with motivational posters that he can sell to kids. Though its resemblance to the words "Insight" and "Incite" are acknowledged in-game, INCIT is actually an acronym for INspirational Creative Input Tool. Winning a round of INCIT earns the player 1 Chocolate Scoop.

The current INCIT champion is ERECTILE_DEATH, with 1936 wins. Don't feel discouraged by his insane win total, though; if you sit at your computer playing INCIT all day every day, eventually you'll overtake him, right? Right?!

Play INCIT Now or browse previous winners in the Hall of ****.

How to Play

Each round of INCIT is divided into two stages: submitting followed by voting, followed by an Intermission.

During the submitting stage, you have 3 minutes and 15 seconds to come up with a title and motivational message for the provided image. There must be at least five submissions into to play. If there aren't enough submissions to play, you must wait for more people to join until the necessary amount is reached.

After the submissions are in, you must anonymously vote on other people's submissions. If you do not vote, your submission won't count in the final tally and will show up as "Disqualified".

The poster who receives the most votes wins, unless there is more than a two-way tie! Pretty simple, isn't it?

Glossary of INCIT terms

  • Dumpvoting: To dumpvote is to vote for a crappy entry in the hopes of avoiding voting oneself out of a win.
  • Toilet Win: Also known as "Dumpwin"; to win a round due to a large mbum of dumpvotes
  • Out of a win: When a person votes for a submission, only to discover that their vote placed that submission ahead of theirs when it otherwise would have tied.
  • Three way or Four way: Refers to a three or four way tie, in which there is no winner.

A "five" way happened on 10/08/09 here

Another "five-way" occurred on 12/16/09. Curiously, all submissions were related to "Invisable bumrape," which originated from this submission.

A seven-way tie occured, where everybody online made a submission and every submission was voted.

A "ten way" has happened before, and you can see it here

A "thirty way" occured, it was so epic that INCIT lagged.

Tips and tricks

  • If you are unable to submit or vote, quickly refresh and try again.
  • If you get an error message saying "Invalid title" or "Invalid motivational text", then you've probably used a character not permitted for INCIT submissions. Prohibited characters include: &, $, ", +, =, ~, %, /, °.
  • You can't use quotation marks ("), but you can use two apostrophes ('') as a substitute. This is due to sql/php-attack preventions.
  • Brevity is the soul of wit. Try to be as concise as possible. If you have trouble fitting your idea into 70 characters, consider abandoning it and thinking of another idea. If your joke is too good to let go, remember that there is (almost) always a way to reword it and make it fit.

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