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Illegal Alts

Illegal Alts

Some people want to play Forumwarz as a new clbum or from the beginning, but don't purchase a new character from us.

The reasons for this are varied: some people don't have the cash. Some don't have credit cards (look into Visa gift cards!). Some have something against Paypal. Some people will just avoid paying, or don't think the game is worth supporting (even if they use it a lot!). Others do it so they can abuse the forums and other players.

Whatever the reason may be, a certain percentage of our user base ends up signing up for a secondary, or tertiary (or even DOZENS) of new accounts using new e-mail addresses and pbumwords.

We call this "Illegal", as it breaks our rules. It eats our server time and is not paid for, and is a bannable offense. If we catch you using multiple accounts, we will ban you.

People who do this often use fake email addresses and although Forumwarz doesn't spam its users, they may use the email address bumociated to an account to notify dormant users of major system updates (like Episode releases, end game release, to reset and notify a user about their new pbumword, etc). As such, it's crucial that you ensure a valid email address is used and bumociated to your account.

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