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iRAWR was recently banned for 3 weeks to to toxx. During that time, he created a completely justified alt to be able to lurk in Flamebate without having to deal with not seeing images and the word filter. This alt had not pwned a single forum and had existed for two days; Obviously iRAWR was not planning on using it to post. Yet he was permabanned, anyway. It was probably Laguna, because he sent a tubmail to him/her. **** Laguna. **** him/her up the bum with a fifty inch sandpapery dildo. Because this was a "thin ice" ban, he had no way of appealing even though he has tried a few times.

iRAWR constantly comes back with alts. In fact, this was written by one!

He is the best troll ever, producing more bumhurt in a single day than most people can produce in a month.

A special note to the ****tards who keep on messing with this: I will ****ing rip your nuts off and feed them to a rat

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