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How To Donate If You Have No Credit Card

The easiest way is to buy a Visa Gift Card (or similar equivalent from Mastercard, American Express, etc) with cash from a local store. This is a limited, prepaid credit card accepted by almost everyone. People often use them to make online purchases because they're safe and hbumle-free.

They're available at many retailers across North America like Wal-Mart and Safeway, as well as convenience stores and many financial institutions. Click here to find a Visa Gift Card provider near you.

Other options (this section needs expanding):

  • If you have a bank card (ATM card) with a Visa, Discover, or Mastercard logo on it you can use it online just like a credit card.
  • If you have an ordinary checking bank account, you can set it up to make money transfers through PayPal. The verification process is actually pretty spy-movie cool.
  • If you have a trusted friend with a credit card or account, they can do it for you. Just pay them back. Since Brownie Points can be transferred, there's an incentive to "go splitsies" on a larger BP order!
  • Write down your parents' credit card number, use that, and then pay them back. They'll admire your integrity and sense of charity.
  • There's something called an eCheck. Not sure how it works, but there you go.
  • Just sign up for a credit card! They'll give one to just about anyone nowadays. And you're never too young to start developing a good credit rating. It'll come in handy in about 5-10 years, trust us.

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