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Herschel Jewstein S Kosher Crazy Careers

Herschel Jewstein’s Kosher Crazy Careers is the official Forumwarz job board, a great place to check out if you need some extra Flezz. There are always some missions there that you can accept and get paid for quickly!

You can become the pwner of your very own legal forum. Or maybe even flame a message board intended for some kind of doctor. Your mom will be so proud!

Each job listing comes with the Forum Name, Job Description (typically "Pwn forum" or "Gain X fans"), the Difficulty of the Forum, the Reward, and the number of Job Points.

After taking a job, the player has 60 minutes to meet the Job Description before the job is lost. Players may attempt a job any number of times until they run out of time or complete the job.

Players may only take on one job at a time.

  • Speculation- It appears that the Difficulty of the jobs available scales up with the player to within a few levels.
  • The job board is closed on the Sabbath (Saturday) because any self-respecting jew is going to sit around all day and talk about what doctor or lawyer their child married instead of working. The job board reopens at 12:00 AM EST on Sunday.

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