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Guess My Number

Rules: Gamble Bot 3000 will randomly pick a number between 1 and 10. You get two guesses. If your first guess is wrong, Gamble-Bot will tell you if its number is higher or lower.

Payout: If you guess correctly on the first try, you get 1.5 times your bet. If you guess right on the second try, you get your bet back.

This is a poor game to gain Flezz on; with perfect play, your average rate of return will be 35%. That's a /loss/ of nearly two-thirds of your bet, per bet, on average. With imperfect play, the rate of return can drop to 16.111%.

Strategy for perfect play: Make your first guess between 2 and 9; simply avoid guessing 1 or 10 on your first guess.

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