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Total fabulous person that tried multiple ****ty gimmicks out and made flamebate rage, until his main was reveled.

Dino Bravo

Dino Bravo was his first gimmick, he pretended to be a dead wrestler and gave people his seal of approval. It was stupid as ****.

And then He was 14

Then he posted pictures of kids in a Spanish he googled. Still stupid as ****.

Haiku Battle

He then misquoted Master_Troll in a haiku contest that was won by megazeroexe

**** for Brains

Then he just acted very special. It was bad spelling, all caps, and emoticons all around. It was stupid and annoying.


He was later to revealed as xxEmoxKidxx. Megazeroexe seems to be the only one with a problem nowadays.

Other Alts.




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