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Forumwarz Comics Contest

On August 12th, 2008, Evil Trout launched a contest, allowing users to create comics based on any of the Episode 1 NPCs. The contest ended on August 25th, 2008.

The Prizes

All the winners received the The Sequential Artist E-Peen. There were 2 categories, Best Art and Funniest Comic, and each category had 3 winners.


  • Grand Prize (won 7 BPs)
  • Second Place (won 5 BPs)
    • Best Art: crayoncakes (link)
    • Funniest Comic: TUBSWEETIE (link)
  • Third Place (won 3 BPs)
    • Best Art: TUBSWEETIE (link)
    • Funniest Comic: Lara Croft (link)


Evil Trout didn't give an E-Peen on the start, because of a lack of submissions, but after a few arguments he implemented it 2 weeks after the end of the contest. On his opinion, the overall quality of the comics were good in art and gave him a good laugh.

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