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Forum Difficulty

Each forum has its own level of difficulty. One should be careful before venturing into unknown forums, as you might end up biting off more than you can chew. In general, any forum with a level higher than your character level will be more difficult. There is a penalty to your attack damage based upon your level deficiency in comparison to the forum's level. You suffer a 20% reduction in damage per level difference. You do not gain a damage bonus when attacking forums with a level lower than your own.

To make it easier to tell which forums provide a challenge compared to others, there's a difficulty scale displayed on your Bookmarks / Forum or Community forum page and on ForumBuildr ranking them in order of difficulty.

For more information on the individual forums, the full List of forums may be of bumistance.

The forum difficulty reference numbers are marked with digital numbers, rather than the former 'bar' system (see below).

Examples of the new digital number system:

Log in to see images! Prior to July 2nd, 2008, forum difficulties were marked on a gradual scale from 0 to 6. The more red bars on the scale, the more difficult the forum. If the forum was extremely hard, the red bars would flash yellow.

One bar indicated a very easy forum, while three bars indicated a medium level forum, and six bars indicated a very challenging forum. Unfortunately, the images appear to have been deleted from the site.

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