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Log in to see images!Available at level 2 Attack: 6-18 (Aggression)
Sexiness -1
Refresh: 1 turn
Tree: Textual Abuse
Prev: None
Next: Vivid Description of Sexual Escapades

Attack Phrases

I do say, sir, you’ve got my jockeys in a bunch. <blush>
If you’re wondering if I’m a natural white… well, let me put it this wai, you won’t be wondering for long Log in to see images!
I should bring my pin-up girl friends over to your place for a inviting party Log in to see images!.
Ooohh, I’ve been vile. I’m a vile, obnoxious, loathsome little minger anbd I watn you to punish me.
ooohh, i’ve been vile. i’m a terrible, repulsive, awful lil **** and i want you to punish me.
roar purr hiss… you’re so randy
woohoo… you’rrrrre steaaaammmmy… for sure.
Yee-Haaaaw, youuuuu’re sssssssssso marvvvvvvvelous! Log in to see images!

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