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Flezz is the currency of the Forumwarz universe. It has all sorts of uses but the main one is to buy stuff, such as items and equipment.

Your current Flezz balance is always displayed on the Character tab. However, if you want more details, such as a list of your past transactions, open your SpendFriend bookmark and take a look around.

There are many ways to earn Flezz while playing Forumwarz. The two most straightforward ways are by Selling Stuff and Finishing Missions.

The Easy Way: Obtaining and Selling Stuff

Every time you pwn a thread in Forumwarz, people notice, and your reputation as a pwner goes up. This is measured in your *Cred*. Naturally, enemies of the threads you pwn will want to reward you for your efforts. They will package up "gifts" for you and deliver them to you overnight. So don't be upset if you wasted a lot of Flezz and have run out: Just pwn some threads and log in to Forumwarz a day later and you'll find a bunch of rewards waiting for you. Naturally, the more cred your earn in a day, the more valuable the gifts you'll receive the next.

Once you have received a delivery of junk, take it to one of the Stores in your Bookmarks that allows you to sell things. They'll gladly take it off your hands and give you Flezz in return.

The Harder (But More Lucrative) Way: Finishing Missions

Throughout the game, your contacts will give you Missions. Many of these Missions include Flezz rewards for your efforts, so it's in your best interests to finish them. Even when they don't reward you directly with Flezz, they will almost always be worth your while. If you're confused as to how to beat a mission, check out your Missions sub-tab on the Character tab.

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