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Eye Drops Medicated

Log in to see images! Now with menthol for that cool, soothing feeling. Ahhh…it’s like Frosty the Snowman is jizzing in your eye socket.


Sold at: Drugs "R" Fun

Effect: Tears +18

Base cost: Log in to see images!crying so hard there’s snot coming out of my quadrangular cartilage
whoever said “women don’t cry” was a liar anbd a marikon. unless o’ course that purrson was robert smith aka god Log in to see images!
here comes tjhe waaaaaaaahbulance
i wrote a blank verse about my tears…how they left my eye-holes, just like my old mann left my outhouse. shall i post it hear?
i take a scar/every time i cry/’cause it ain’t my sytle/no it ain’t my style
ever cry zo hard it feels like someone’s stomping on your pork sword? that’s me right now.

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