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Log in to see images!Icon Name Description Image Confirmed Sources Base Cost Max Selling Price Log in to see images!Green Goo If you ate this, you’d probably die. But don’t let that stop you from trying! 06 Log in to see images!Expired Medication This medication pbumed its expiry date a long time ago. Take at your own risk. (But if you’re willing to take the risk, better take double just to see what happens.) linkRemember-Not 117 Log in to see images!Moldy Growth This isn’t the good mold, like penicillin. This is the kind with spores that cause respiratory diseases. It does taste delicious if crumbled over a salad, however. link053 Log in to see images!Biological Hazard If you’re lucky, this is a harmless Level 1 Biohazard. But it’s not. It’s the Ebola virus. link106 Log in to see images!Black Goo You’re not sure what this is. It’s bubbling, smells like a dead pigeon and looks like it belongs in Jeffrey Dahmer’s bathtub. link074

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