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Everybody Hurts

Everybody Hurts

Log in to see images! Available at: Level 26
Cost to Train: 2 Upgrade Points
Attack 230 (Stronger when Ego is low)
Cost: Tears -15
Refresh: 1 turn
In tree: Whine-o
Prev: Quoth the Raven
Next: none

Attack Phrases

Everybody Hurts uses the most potent emo words to depress forum users - actual quotes from people on the internet (along with a couple of "blogging proverbs").

(This list is in progress - if you see a missing attack phrase, please add it!)

“i have just started cutting myself again i used to do it when i was like 10 or was it 11 i dunno(i am 14 now) but i stopped as my life started to get better but the other night i cut my right wrist again with a knife (took me a while to find a good one i tried 3 different ones) and i have some weird gash on my arm. I carnt stop no-more it,is sorry for saying but it is fun and i want to do it every second of the day!!!! i am desperate to do it now and i feel suicidle but i have no idea why! :’( i need help i dont want to end up like my mum she is a mental cow and before you ask i am not emo etc evan though there is nout wrong with them at all!!” — x x justme x x, 43 Things
“*sigh* why am i so unhappy?I miss Honara so much cry someone to hold at night and liesen to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs… But i guess that’ll never happen.Im not as happy as i thought i would be when i got with Billy.I mean i do Love her…i think well what is love?How can someone define LOVE!!!! I’ve seen so many differeny versions of it i can’t tell what is real and who is leading me on. I wish i could have that moment with Honara one last time.To hold her hand and wishing for the moment to last forever. But Ms. Law says that i’ll find that someonr.. yeah whatever if only if it was that easy.*sigh* why can’t i make things the way i want them to be?I know its impossible but it hurts…When you go into a daze thinking how happy you would be if you only had that someone to hold when lisening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs sigh But then you come out of it and relize that life is not what uou want it to be… crys softly” — emo-green at diaryland
“SO mad! My stupid Mazda is Dead again!! been in the shop for 3 days… but the mechanics dunno what the diagnosis is! Damn those dumb bleep rip-off mechanics! DAMN THEM TO HELL!! Well now my daddy rented a Hyundai for me to drive for now. sigh cheap bleep car.. no power what so ever!” — Unknown
“I have this heavy feeling that life is just not giving me any easy way at all. I would love to kill myself then. From things are going i feel like i dont deserve anything rather. sigh.” — uNtiTleD®, Living A Life in Dire’s Shoes
“i hate. i hate everything but espessialy myself, ‘cause i know my problems are my fault. i want to die but i even procrastinate that. tommorow. next week.” — qwert, Suicide Forum
“so ive been cutting myself for the last couple of months and when i did it wouldnt be that much and they wouldnt even be that deep but lately ive been giving myself REALLY deep ones and ive thought about suicide a few times ive had so much stress and this is an easy way to releves it. my life is just so ****ed over right now. my bf found out that ive cut myself and he has been a little weird ever since and i really want to stop cutting myself. but its really hard and i dont know what to do” — nana punk roker91, LiveWire
“I have absolutly no choice but to go on and end this stupid pathic life of mine.. i mean really , you tell me what choice do i got to stay here? i mean really.. if you honestly look at it you can see that my past will forever haunt me.. its not going to end ever… and all those ministers and preachers and everyone else will tell you. hey you get saved, you get baptized, you return to the Lord and your past is wipped clean.. but its not.. it really is not..” — White Dove, Suicide Forum
“There are days when I wake up and don’t wish to talk to a soul. Eventually, I have to and it makes me wish that I hadn’t. In the last few weeks, the feeling hasn’t gotten any better, so here’s hoping I don’t go insane before the semester ends. How ****ing emo.” — sweetlysardonic on livejournal
“The lack of bullets forces us into desperation. Like dancing necromancers my bony fingers swirls around in an etherly slowfox with the mouse. Higher, higher we bid in order to prevail. Bullets here they come! Nay, they say – those invisible mathematicians!” — WhyNotAA?, forums
“heres someone out there who knows absolutely nothing about you but pretends that they do JUST so you can recieve their criticism. i hate it. i hate all of it so much. i hate it when it happens to me and i hate it when it happens to other people. but, it happens. i came to the conclusion tonight that i am just not going to give a **** anymore. do whatever the hell you want. just remember, you are just as unperfect as anyone else. and im sure that anyone can find PLENTY of things to laugh at about you, but i won’t, because i try a little harder than you to NOT be a ****ing ****.” — love-isxsuicide on livejournal
“Currently listening to: Linkin Park – Crawling” — Traditional
“emo’s keep in the pain sometimes thats why some of us just dont talk that much..some emo’s do cut there wrist and some dont.. if they keep in a lot of pain they will cut..because i did but i learned not to.. i learned that i have friends that love me and ill get through the day with them ..emo’s understand true love” — JoHnxBlAcKxHeaRt on MySpace
“i one four me loves someone eles i told her i didnt love her but i do so much and now i whis i wz dead in a pool or cut any thang would be beter than crying but i cant stop im sory for any one that reads this there is no one four me death one day thats it mayby shel read this and know that i love her” — death to all666, Allpoetry
“Do you ever have those days that make you just want to pack everything into your car and get the hell outta dodge? Today was one of those days. So far this week I have lost my job, lost a large amount of sleep, come to the realization that I’m falling for the guy that’s engaged, learned that he is also falling for me but is afraid to break his fiance’s heart by leaving her.” — RachelAnn, Life of a Single Girl
“Xx_Tell me why I lost you/Tell me why you lied/Tell me that you loved me/Or at least that you tried. — ~x-hypo-x, deviantART
“is love supposed to hurt…....._this_ bad?” — ~x-hypo-x, deviantART
“my anger has taken over me. i’m fed up and i’m on the verge of quitting. i am so sick and tired of dealing with the same **** adding up as time pbumes. i don’t wanna live. i don’t wanna see the sun rise, nor the sun set. i don’t want to see the stars at night.. nor do i wanna see anything- coz it means nothing. beauty will soon be extinct when you realize how ****ed up this world is.” — andrea,
“Damn damn damn damn damn. God I hate my life. I hate you. I hate me. I hate me. I hate me. I hate me. Hell. I hate me. I love My Chemical Romance. I love Green Day. I am an idiot. I am annoying. I am depressed. I am miserable.” — gerardsway, OkCupid
“Current Mood: Sad” — Blogging Proverb
“Don’t you think commiting suicide would be fun? i visualise this alot… You are standing in the middle of the arctic ocean, on a 200 metre tall ice burg… it is only about 10 square metres in area… You walk to the edge, and look to the bottom. You close your eyes, spread your arms out and start falling of the ice burg. You fall for 10 seconds, then you hit the water and go down 5 metres. You have pbumed out from the unbelievabley hard hit to the water. you sink to the bottom, subconsiouscly, you are happy. How relaxing is it to think that!” — awesomely_lame, Yahoo! Canada Answers
“I’m done… I’m finished… but you know what… I’m not… I’m not done, well I’m DONE but I’m not done yet – y’know?” — XxPrincessPunkxx, Youtube
“The kids on school oftenly say mean things to me or about me behind my back, my familly doesn’t care about me, my parents are devorced(I live with my mom and my older brother), my mom hits me and my dad is an alcoholoc and a criminal. I can’t talk to my teachers about it, because they hate me too because I’m diffrend. They even wanted me to go to a psychiatrist because they said I’m not social enough. How the hell can I be social if they all ignore me?” — BlackDeth, forums
“I’ve been having problems with my husband for some time now. Always get the impression that i’m not good enough hor him. Recently i’ve tried to kil myself (overdoze of trazadone and ativan) but it didn’t work. Help. I still love him” — ELA, eHealth Forum
“I am so fed up right now. I simply can not take anymore ****. I just can’t. Everyone is leaning on me, for everything. I can’t handle it anymore, I really can’t. My sisters are very needy lately, and they are coming to me for so much. Everyone around me seems to be in emotional melt down, and it is really tearing me up inside. I can’t take this life anymore. God, I just want my Joe home.” — Inmatez Wife, The Write Thought
“Cutting myself is good, cutting is fun, yay yay yay! Im a little emo ****! I’m gonna try to get peoples attention by carving words into my arms! Oooooo, a big vein on my neck…that looks like it would be fun to cut. UUGHGHHHGHH!!” — Gus, MySpace
“2800MG of Efexor.. a bottle of scotch.. slitting my wrist and hanging myself.. SHOULDENT fail this time! (i hope not adleast or imma be one hella vedgetable afterwards :s)” — zewler on livejournal
“to me, everyone’s wearing a mask only when they are alone, that they actually take of their superficial outter coat that they hide behind. to me, my outer layer helps me to hide my feelings. its sort of my thing to not let people know how easily is for them to hurt me.” — minimalistic,
“I’ve had it with everything. I have no purpose in this life…...I’m tired of all of this Life. My mom distrusting me. my step dad calling me a mistake from my parents. My mom doesn’t do anything about it. She lets him treat me how ever he feels. My older sister running away. God hates me.” — pielover321,

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