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Delete Klan

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Once upon a time, in a Forumwarz far far away, PhilANThropiSt cleverly disguised a link to the "Delete Klan" page in his tubmails, which resulted in NawtyFish,klan leader of WEG0TPAID, deleting their own klan. She also happened to be very drunk, as she, which is normal for her. She's an alcoholic. NawtyFish attempted to play it off as having been done on purpose, but the intention was transparent, and news of the klan being deleted spread too fast. Because apparently people were watching her klan at all hours. Kinda creepy. Not stalkerish at all though.


Bigger, more important Klans Deleted:

Knights of LoL


Funnier stories of self deleted klans:

Episode 2 Beta

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