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We really need your help to make Spoilerpedia a comprehensive wiki! Teh Lame!

Spoilerpedia uses a formatting engine similar to MediaWiki, the software that runs Wikipedia. Most of their basic formatting should work, in fact, this Cheatsheet is very useful for your formatting needs.

Getting Started

If you are logged in with your character, you can click the Edit tab above any page to view its source code. Simply make your changes, then hit save. It couldn't be simpler!

It's a good idea to Preview your changes first to make sure your formatting is okay.

Feel free to add whatever crap you want to the Sandbox page, if you want to test out commands and such.

Creating New Pages

The easiest way to create a new page is to search for it first using the Search link on the left hand side.

If no page comes up, you will be given a link to Edit it, or you can simply click the Edit tab. Type up your new page, hit Save and you're done.

Remember, if you add a new Page, you'll want to link to it from an existing page, otherwise it will be really hard to find.

Spoilerpedia Rules

Rule #1: Don't be an bumhole. You know what I'm talking about here. Keep the informational pages relevant and troll free. Use proper grammar and spelling to the best of your abilities.

Rule #2: If you want to create pages related to Klans or in-game characters, that's fine, but please make sure they're designated as such clearly so that newbies don't get all confused.

Rule #3: Do not put spoilers in places where people would see them by accident, like for example on the Main Page. If you have spoilers on individual pages, that's fine provided they are tagged with a warning.

Embedding Images

Spoilerpedia supports embedding images through the use of the [[Image:url]] syntax. For example, [[Image:]] will produce:

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