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Battlethreadz ThreadConstructr V3 0 Gamma

Battlethreadz ThreadConstructr v3.0 Gamma is a meta-forum that parodies ForumWarz ForumBuildr v2.0 Beta. The enemies in this thread are all alter-ego's of real ForumWarz players and admins. Here is the listing of all of the enemies and their alter-egos.

These players are all part of the now-defunct ForumBuildr Elite, a special version of Forumbuildr v2.0 Beta where you could submit content for Episode 2.

ForumWarz BattleThreadz
Abdullah_Oblongata Kareem Radiata
Bingebot 2015 Vomitron 3030
Evil Trout Wicked Bbum
Jalapeno Bootyhole Habanero bumcrack
Bigguyinblack Giantemokid
Cicadalek Cyberdelik
CptJackbum 1stLtDip****
crayoncakes pencilpies
crotchbiter_the_flaccid groinchomper_the_floppy
Escher van Velde
Funcdizzi Cruncwoozi
Grey Knight Nolan Iron Warrior Roger
handofg0d f0rcemajeure
kittiejenn puppiejill
Lara Croft Samus Aran
Laustin Spayce Logan Srunn
MathLuv8 MathematicsEnthusiastVIII
MC Banhammer DJ Banstick
MorkaisChosen MorkaisRejected
n00Biff Griff Tannen
Natalie Naughtily
Nohurtme Mebruiseeasily
Oh_No_Shrubs Oh_****_Brushwood
Pic Img
Pickled male reproductive organbum Salt-Cured bummale reproductive organ
pimp doubt pimp's lap
Pluvius Aquarius
Snott Mucuss
Sonpansatan Daughterpanjesus
The Random One El Aleatorio
Vagitarian Fruitytarian
Zeph Zech

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