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Away Messages

When you contact an NPC character over sTalk at a time when he/she isn't relevant to the storyline or you haven't finished their mission, a message appears that summarizes how AFK they are. Yes somebody actually compiled all these for some reason :shrug:

List of Away Messages

Opheliamammary glandsupp

away, away, away, away
away from the keyboard, t’is where i am today
away! away! away! away!
leave me a message, i’ll get back to thee soon
“away” (c) 2007 Opheliamammary glandsupp

Ravit "Blacksnake" Nordstrom III

hej ! I’m not rly away from the keyboard, I’m just tryin 2 avoid [username]
shhhh … døn’t tell !
j/k, leave a msg and I mite get back 2 u !

Doctor O

Sorry, I’m just out walking my goldfish. LOL, BBIAB! :P



Jebediah the Hypocrite

Entschuldigung, Englisch.
I am unfortunately avay from mine laptop right now.
...I mean, my handmade, non-electrisch computing dewice! That is vat I meant. Actually.
...darn and heck.


나는, 여기하지 동성애합니다. 꺼져, 지금 당장!

The Lonely Gunman

If Not Here, Have Either Been Eaten by “THEM” or
More Hopefully am Engaging in Sexual Intercourse
With Human Female Whore Of Species.


way to msg some1 who isnt even THERE
LUZER!!!! lololol zing

Shallow Esophagus

Sorry, I’m away from the keyboard right now and
unable to receive your message.


I am part of the FRONTIER, like a PIONEER I roam and
search for NEW people to bring the LIGHT of
Saiyantology to. Or POSSIBLY I am in HUGE
negotiation deals for my NEXT mbumive multi-million
dollar FILM. Either way, I am currently AWAY from



I need help with getting more away messages. Please contribute to make this wiki more complete.

NPCs Without Away Messages

'Gamble-Bot 3000', 'haxlrose', and 'THE_****' all dont have away messages, as all three are always open for business.

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