Two Girls One Tribe

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The Goatse itself is the shelter, we bury the legs a bit to provide stability and then we flip the toaster car onto its side so that we can have a set of bunk beds. When necessary, we take the toaster-car and attach the goatse on top of it, as sturdily as possible, so the goatse can still be used as a cavern for our sleeping needs. Bread crumbs and egg whites will be used to camoflauge the shelter so that Tribegirl cannot detect our stealth arrival. Entering the goatse requires climbing the male reproductive organ.

The walnut will be posted outside of the shelter with the snipe to take out any potential intruders.

The stuffed excre-bot doll and taxidermied pony will stand guard outside our shelter. These are mostly to look cool and keep our spirits high throughout the competition. However, the giraffe is hiding behind the pony and stuffed doll ready to take on any intruders. The giraffe will be trained to recognize the color of the Tribegirl buffs and will use its natural tendencies to kill people that it doesn’t recognize.

The theremin will be located on the pony’s back. When our tribe leaves for any reason (challenges, hunting, tribal council {as if!}), we will all don our given headsets to protect us from the brown note that the theremin will be playing. When we come back to camp, we will again don our headsets until someone deactivates the brown note. When in “deactivated” mode, the theremin will be able to play music that some of us may actually want to listen to and we can plug the headsets into the theremin for enjoyment during any downtime.

Blackface makeup on the outside of the shelter. This has two useful effects. Firstly, it will obviously protect goatse from the effects of the enviroment. More importantly, it should increase our food supply by attracting watermelons.

Each of us get a vibrating dildo (the tribe leader) to use as a weapon (or dildo of course) and the tribe leadergets DrrtyCop74’s baton for the same purpose, of course being the spokesperson she has to scare the opposition with the deadlier weapon and the bigger dildo, because they need to stretch all the more to even feel it meaning their puny male reproductive organs would be useless against them. This leaves one person without a dildo but that’s where the bunk beds come in (until we lose a person but we won’t lose so it’s a null issue). Tribe leader gets top bunk because we need her well rested to strike fear into the hearts of our foes and baggy eyes won’t do that! The bottom bunk is bargained for among the rest of us BUT whoever gets it doesn’t get a vibrating dildo. CHOOSE WISELY!!!

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