the memetastic klan

This is the profile page for a klan in Forumwarz. Forumwarz is the first "Massively Single-Player" online RPG completely built around Internet culture.

Hello ppl.This is a klan for memes.If you know nothing about memes leave now.As some people epicly phail in the internetz,im not saying u do.Infact for all we know ur better than me.HOWEVER i bet U came here cuz u like midkipz,someone took ur base,and you have over 9,000 haters.Maybe not the last two but the first one is needed.A love for lolcats is fine too.Also Trollers will also enjoy the klan because memes=So many trolls.Infact many trolls have memes in them.We also try to make new memes to make moar lulz possible.However we must be careful of…pedobear.HA! just kidding…I hope.Now sometimes you need to be like a doge cat and dodge the hate mailz witch means a few rules

.If someone could be a great member to the klan be freindly and kind so you can get them to join.

.If someone is being a royal lulz killer eather GTFO or fight back.I think you should have some other members along incase.

.no one likes someone trying to be better than everyone.Be an hero.Fight back.Set the lulz free.

.If the lulz is sucked out of you stay out of doing anything that could harm ur lulz moar.

.And last but not least,plz teach the others about memes.It’s part of our job.

Ok i guess ur hate mail box is not almost full but hey.Also a few things you should know about the klan.

.lulz points are rewarded to ppl who can free lulz A.K.A be funny (not the cheap funny eather)

.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE repect others.If someone is someone you DO NOT WANT don’t rip out there lulz because then ur a lulz killer and be can’t have that.(PS to anyone who doesn’t no yet LULZ=LOL)

.I would be happy if u report lulz killers to me as soon as you can.Say someone being mean to another klan member (just so u know i don’t care if ur a little mean but take it easy)

.If you kill lulz here are the DO NOT WANTS

1-5 warning

6-10 bigger warning

11-15 loss of lulz points

15-20 last warning and loss of lulz points


Also ppl should know lulz points get you higher ranks.Plus you will be happy to know you do not need to kiss and worship the ground I walk on to get my respect so plz no sucking up.



Name Klan Title Player Class Level Cred
Image TirUnit Administrator Hacker 5 6849