The Flamers of Loathing

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A friendly Klan for those who play Kingdom of Loathing and others.

Read on if you want to join.

Klan Rules:

-Be considerate of Klannies in Domination. See the Domination rules in the forum, here. (You won’t be able to read that if you’re not in the klan)

-Don’t be a jerk. You will get banned from the Klan.

-Vote Forumbuildr topics fairly; no excessive down voting for example. The custom forums should be cool, funny and creative, not just a way to get chocolate scoops.

-Be patient after asking for an invite, because we’re all idle as hell!

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Klan E-Peen™


Lowest Standards

This Klan topped the Largest Klans Leaderboard.


Name Klan Title Player Class Level Cred
Image FireSpy Camwhore 31 32596827
Image Flare Troll 13 172369
Image Fortee Keeper of the Teabag Emo Kid 14 254998
Image Frenchy LeFrench... Not actually French Troll 10 874661
Image frost_maze Lost in Frost Emo Kid 10 266155
Image GangstaDarky Camwhore 23 3441479
Image Ghoymakh Troll 9 51644
Image gingerbaker Camwhore 12 129327
Image Grant Camwhore 10 298197
Image Grethko Emo Kid 17 510808
Image hawt_babe Camwhore 10 513894
Image HellionZZZ Zombified Somnambulist Troll 10 256543
Image Hetcher Troll 7 12359
Image holagurrl25 Camwhore 20 1410860
Image Hoober Troll 33 70316868
Image Iceheart Cold as, um, Emo Kid 27 9369278
Image iceshaver Troll 53 564256106
Image Innocence Camwhore 9 51198
Image InShaneee Emo Kid 9 57595
Image IronBenga Hacker 69 950000000