The Celerysteve Fan Club

This is the profile page for a klan in Forumwarz. Forumwarz is the first "Massively Single-Player" online RPG completely built around Internet culture.

Congratulations member; you have joined the ranks of an elite squadron of players who posses an exemplary level of distinguishment, refinement, and sophistication. Crack open a Miller High Life and raise a toast to your own impeccable judgment and taste for all life has to offer. You accept only the best.

Oh — and if you’re not a member yet — you need only send your request to the board admin. Fate is long, winding and mysterious road that has brought you here by no error or coincidence; you’ve got the right stuff. We look forward to having someone with your obvious magnitude for excellence in our fine organization.

The Rules:

1. fine upstanding member of societyz can’t **** wit dis

2. fine upstanding member of societyz can’t **** wit dat

3. If you have pie you have to share with the group.

4. If a female telemarketer calls you get your male reproductive organ out and fap. Make suggestive comments and be like “Hey, guess what I’m doing…?” This is extremely important.

5. This picture trips me out:

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Name Klan Title Player Class Level Cred
Image bumersnack Camwhore 8 27432
Image male reproductive organ_TRAGEDY celerysteve is a koala male reproductive organ Hacker 35 100000000
Image Erectmale reproductive organ Troll 35 100011997
Image Goatse Administrator Troll 7 19934