Offline Chaos

This is the profile page for a klan in Forumwarz. Forumwarz is the first "Massively Single-Player" online RPG completely built around Internet culture.

We are Chaos. Not just chaos. Not chaos like boom-bwam-kablammo. No, thats just a part of it. We want to destroy. Preferrably…**** we hate. Like…Carebears. Pink stuff. Pink anal-beads. Pink bananas.

We cheered when that Nuclear Plant went haywire.

Ways to gain/guarantee admission, or make promotion:

    Be a heavy-metal fan

    Hate pink stuff

    Hate Hoochylady (****! WHORE!)

    Be a real-live troll (a troll on it’s internet-meaning, but practicing in real-life. read: poking people)

    Be a hot chick, and have pics to prove it (we’ll tell you how to)

    Have a hot (ex-)girlfriend and show us some interesting (read: hot) pictures to prove it. Again, we’ll tell you how.

    Have seriously mutilated people and have pictures to prove it.

    (for promotion) come up with some good idea’s for the Klan a.k.a helping out our bumes REAL gewd

Ways to get ejected or atleast lose your promotion

    Be a total bumhole…to us.

    Cheatazoid without telling us

    Pbum on pictures of yourself jerking off. (we WILL spread them online)

    (more to come… )

Just be a good boy to those in your Klan and do what you want with those who aren’t.

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Log in to see images!

Offline Chaos doesn’t actively participate in Klan wars or anything alike thats competitive.

If you are someone who wants to point out that you do not wish to actively ‘work’ for a Klan, but want to stop getting those annoying invites, send RJ a tubmail and he’ll let you in.

You must atleast have ONE of these requirements:

    – Be level 10

    – Be level 5 and have a personalised av

    – Have an impressive ammount of medals

    – Got an impressive ammount of various E-peen (we ignore Mission-related ones)

    – Have a “Friend of Forumwarz” E-peen

    – Have an E-peen to prove you own or otherwise finished Episode 2

    – Be a personal friend (I’m an bumhole, good luck getting in through THAT one)

These requirements are there so we don’t get stuffed with idiots who make low-lvl alt accounts, instead of being decent and spend just a LITTLE money in forumwarz to get their alts more easily added.

And if you don’t spend money in forumwarz, least we want is to see that you put effort in your char. And people who get to lvl 10 should know what they (somewhat) are doing.

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Name Klan Title Player Class Level Cred
Image Azkael Hax0rz Hacker 26 7370217
Image HoochyLady IshGurl Camwhore 30 29202618
Image Re-Reborn qzertyuiop Permanoob 14 248648
Image RJ the Shadow Trollmeistur Troll 35 100161570