No Homo

This is the profile page for a klan in Forumwarz. Forumwarz is the first "Massively Single-Player" online RPG completely built around Internet culture.

Hello fellow Americans (and all you none-important third world country people) if you want to join this awesome clan (no homo) then you better bend over and represent that Gee Aye Why (say what?) and keep that eff aye gee ess pride (no homo). If you want in (hehe get it? in… ... that’s a pun idiot) then just pm me, Gaselle, or jah your ign (that stands for in game name in case you were too dumb to finger [figure] (hehe Log in to see images!) that one out (out… haha… get it?)

Alright enough stupid jokes and I was kidding about the third world countries part (or am I?)

All jokes aside, we’re a friendly guild that’s in it for the fun, if you’re looking for a serious nerdy competitive guild then this isn’t for you… fabulous person. (no homo) but if you want to meet a few new friends and just kick back then we welcome you with open arms (and or bumes) =]


Name Klan Title Player Class Level Cred
Image A_Shining_Hope Fresh Meat Hacker 22 2745528
Image Chrissy18FHansen... Know Homo Camwhore 10 441138
Image CROOK3D_Y4NK33 Yaoi Wanker Troll 10 368070
Image dragonyoko fabulous personbate Camwhore 9 48766
Image EmobumRape bum Pirate Emo Kid 10 76638
Image Gaselle Mother Lesbian Troll 10 155901
Image Jaedan Scrotum Stretcher Camwhore 10 73707
Image Jah Closet fabulous person Troll 10 872999
Image Kiyo Big homo Camwhore 15 325283
Image MmmWaffles TightArsed Emo Kid 15 268481
Image mrzilla Meat Spinner Troll 11 84719
Image Strive Deputy male reproductive organmaster Emo Kid 6 6127
Image Tact male reproductive organ Munch Camwhore 10 307467
Image Taku Source of homosexuality Troll 55 621520498
Image Umeboshi Bi-curious Troll 19 1034584
Image Vacapanzon Little fabulous person Troll 5 5624
Image YokoHunter Known Homo Emo Kid 10 455274