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Welcome to the NHK. I exist for the weak. I exist to fight for those who can not fight for themselves. We are guardians of the public. Guarding from the continually compounding conspiracies that surround daily life. We exist to fight against these conspiracies. The world has no clue as to their real enemy, but i know him, and he must be brought to justice. We will do this, this is our plan and goal. To fight against conspiracies for those who cannot defend themselves. If you agree with these goals, then join me. Take up your weapon of choice and fight by my side. The world will never know who we are. But we will fight in the shadows, and maybe one day…we will ourselves go down in history as one of the biggest conspiracies to swallow the world.

E-mail = tri edge

Myspace = edge azure flame

Replace the spaces with underscores. For some reason the underscores are turning are making the word edge into italic and disapearing. IDK.


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Image ANoOnesNobody Administrator Emo Kid 33 57674357