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Cheezy FrrrrrRRrrRrRench

This is the profile page for a klan in Forumwarz. Forumwarz is the first "Massively Single-Player" online RPG completely built around Internet culture.

This Klan is for my fellow F(ail)rench co-citizens!

If you too, you are French, you (can) speak French, have a French (imaginary) girlfriend or just if you like cheese, frogs or French people (wich is way too unlikely to happen); JOIN US

You’ll be able to learn new sentences like:

-Va te faire foutre!

-Puis-je avoir un autre verre de Gewurztraminer s’il vous plait?

-Je t’encule à sec avec du gravier

You’ll experience contact with the most humble and kind country of the world

Or just make fun of us!


Name Klan Title Player Class Level Cred
Image monsieurmale reproductive organbum... Administrator Hacker 35 100000000