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A Building

This is the profile page for a klan in Forumwarz. Forumwarz is the first "Massively Single-Player" online RPG completely built around Internet culture.

Theres a hole in the world like a great black pit

And the vermin of the world inhabit it

And it’s morals arent worth what a pig could spit

And it goes by the name of A Building.

And this is the clan that spawned from it.


Name Klan Title Player Class Level Cred
Image 01010110 meow? Hacker 2 523
Image Dantemale reproductive organWad Leveling up for Geronimo! Troll 25 5187972
Image Dhamon Grimwulf Token Black Friend Troll 23 3676501
Image Heiyuu Dumas Far away. Camwhore 8 37287
Image Hideyori WHAT IS IT? Troll 69 950000000
Image Jenetic Very good at dom. Camwhore 69 950000000
Image Mayor Fumpher Hizzoner Re-Re 19 879101