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Avatar: Toy Mouth

[the abyss]

Level 9 Troll

“Jerk Chicken”

When I play evil characters, I tend to enjoy the “Oh, wow, he seems nice,” type of guy or the “haha- look at the eccentric, isn’t he swell?” I love subtle, selfish evil. I enjoy well thought out evil. In other words, if I played an evil character, chances are they wouldn’t just go burn a village or something. But I’m all up for D+D in any case, no matter what alignment or whatever.

I enjoy playing rogues, fighting types (esp. rangers), and clerics (of more militant faiths). I’m not terribly experienced at playing on forums, as I’m more of a tabletop guy, but if I make any mistakes you can all just let me know.

EDIT: Also, is this us playing D+D, or is it our characters playing D+D? We’d do very different things.

genericangstyposter edited this message on 11/07/2007 11:28AM
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